Milk of Human KindnessFor over 30 years Veggies of Nottingham have been working to promote compassionate catering. In all those years we have never used calves milk, nor any other animal products. In 1984 this was unheard of, but now customers rarely ask “do you have normal milk” – Plant Milk Is Normal.

The choice is no longer soya milk or calves milk. With Oat, Hemp, Coconut, Rice, Soya, Spelt, Almond, Hazelnut, Flax and many more plant milks widely available, why would any one choose to cause suffering to cows and their calves.

With the support of Granovita (soya milk), Koko (coconut milk) Good Hemp (hemp milk) and others, Veggies continues to bring these many choices to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Different milks may be preferred for different purposes. Some are better to make smoothies or ice-cream, for cooking, on cereals, or for use in tea & coffee.

Experiment. Enjoy them all!

non-dairy milks

This non-dairy milk spotter chart is from the Stop the Cull facebook page. For a discussion of many more choices and preferences visit the Stop the Cull site.

See also the Vegan’s Guide to Non-Dairy Milks

The dairy industry is pressing for the killing of 70% badgers in cull zones, but what else can farmers do to ‘protect’ their cows? When they have killed ‘their’ cows at an unnaturally young age (when their milk production falls), they could grow almonds, hazelnuts, oats or hemp instead. The efficiencies of growing food for direct human consumption might free up land for wildlife, and even for ex-dairy cattle to live out their lives in retirement.

Tips for successful use of plant milks

These days people understand that soya milk may separate in coffee – they rarely complain, but they do seek the solution.

The factors behind soy milk separating are acidity and temperature.

The solution: the optimal temperature to brew coffee if about 93 °C – not boiling.
If your milk separates simply add more milk, allow coffee to cool or make it less strong. Some milks settle, so it is always worth giving a quick shake before use.

Advice for going dairy-free is available from the Animal Aid website.

Read the facts about milk production and consumption, human health, animal welfare and factory farmed cows at

Ethical Consumer ratings for non-dairy milk

Buyer's guide to non-dairy milkThis table shows ratings calculated on 21/01/2015 based on the Ethical Consumer Report on Non-Dairy Milks (Nov/Dec 2012).

The report includes info on ‘Who makes what, soya sourcing & GM policies’.

For example Dean Foods, who own[ed] the Alpro, Provamel, Soya Soleil and White Wave brands, is a massive dairy company in the USA, reported to control up to 90% of the processed milk market in some states. [See ‘stop press’ below]

Best Buys

As at 26th October 2015, the ‘live scores’ available to Ethical Consumer subscribers indicated that the best buys for soya milk are: Plamil, The Bridge, Soyatoo! and Granovita (then Alpro/Provamel/Sunrise). For other non-dairy milks the Best Buys are EcoMil Almond, Good Hemp, The Bridge, Oatly and Rice & Rice.

For more discussion of individual companies, policies & milk choices see our Product Info for Non-dairy Milk.

Stop Press 26th October 2015:
It seems that White Wave was spun off from Deans in August 2012.

“The WhiteWave Foods Company is a consumer packaged food and beverage company. It manufactures, markets, distributes, and sells branded plant-based foods and beverages, coffee creamers and beverages, and premium dairy products throughout North America and Europe. The Company’s products include soy milk, flavored creamers, organic milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, sour creams, and whipped creams. It serves the grocery and natural foods channels in the United States. The WhiteWave Foods Company is based in Dallas, Texas.” [ref]

So, whilst the parent company is no longer owned by Deans, with its massive industrial dairy interests, White Wave does have companies involved in ‘premium’ organic dairy products. Hence the improved score for organic Alpro/Provamel of 13.5, (from 8.5).

Plant Milk Sampling with Veggies

Print & distribute the flier

Plant Milk Flier
Plant Milk Flier

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Johnny: “To support unhealthy industrially farmed milk full of puss the centre of nottingham was blocked off with barriers, goodness knows how the elderly& physically disabled coped. No wonder cows get TB, if you want to help stop badger culls avoid most milk, please.”

TomClements: “The Milk Race”. What a joke. Trying to propagandize milk as some sort of health-giving food, despite the world’s healthiest societies being entirely dairy-free and supported by largely plant-based food. Dairy only does us, the environment and the animals that produce it massive amounts of harm. It’s a vile industry that wields far too much power over people and governments.

Plamil : Plantmilk Pioneers

Arthur Ling formed Plamil to market The Milk of Human Kindness in 1965!

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3-Omega-6 Dairy Free Flax Drink

Flax drinkThe Veganuary website says that: “3-Omega-6 Dairy Free Flax Drink is a delicious tasting dairy free drink made with flax seed oil, known to be one of the richest plant based sources of Omega-3.

The Good Karma Foods Europe company website says that the product has “no aftertaste, just a deliciousness which tastes, well…… just like dairy milk!”, however our trial have found a strong & distinctive flavour.

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