Veggies is a volunteer-led, community-based, social enterprise.

has been promoting vegan catering and supporting campaigns for human and animal rights, environmental protection and social justice since 1984. Partly due to our work, vegetarianism is now mainstream and veganism widely understood.

Veggies Catering Campaign provides catering at almost any event – from campaign rallies to community festivals, from family celebrations to green gatherings. We offer tasty, wholesome snacks, as well as information exploring the links between diet, animal suffering and the environment.

The next events on Veggies tour are listed on the right, with full details on the diary.

Pure fruit juices and fresh vegetables are used along with wholemeal bread. All products are made from natural ingredients, with no artificially added preservatives, flavourings or colourings. We aim to provide a balance between organically grown and/or locally produced ingredients.

More information on the what, why and how of our work can be found in the catering section. You can also follow our news on Twitter or Facebook.

We have a policy of minimal packaging and promote the use of recycled goods. We investigate everything that we use in order to avoid animal products, those tested on animals and those resulting from human oppression, whilst seeking guidance from the Ethical Consumer Magazine. Read more about our ethical policies.

Many suppliers are other independent local businesses, including Screaming Carrot and Lembas Wholefoods. The ecological and vegan cleaning supplies that we use can be purchased directly from us, on a retail, bulk or refill basis.

A directory of other caterers who might be able to help at events that we are unable to attend, is compiled by Veggies, as part of the Vegan Business Connection, which supports groups promoting a healthy and compassionate lifestyle in other areas.

Sumac logoVeggies is a workers’ co-operative, with three workers sharing one minimum-waged job. We prefer to live simply so that others might simply live. We receive welcome support from a team of dedicated volunteers. Join us!

Veggies are based at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre, the campaign resource centre part-funded by Veggies.

More About Veggies

Events that we are directly supporting are shown on Veggies Events Diary. Veggies also compiles a diary of Community & Campaign events in Nottingham & beyond, including the UK Animal Rights Calendar and Vegan Outreach Diary.

Directory coverDetails of over 4,000 contacts are available on the Veggies Directory, which has been relaunched as an interactive directory, networking for humans, animals and the environment.

Veggies distribute publications for the Movement for Compassionate Living, who promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth. We are also local contacts for Animal Aid, the Vegan Society, the Vegetarian Society and Viva!.

Nuclear Power, No Thanks stickerMany books and some 150 journals, which cover green, human rights, animal issues, anti-war, co-operation and social justice, are available from the Sumac Library and Veggies Bookstall. We also have Nuclear Power – No Thanks! stickers!

We help co-ordinate VegCom a free noticeboard for vegans and vegetarians offering or seeking accommodation in Nottingham and the Midlands, as well as the Community Print Resource, a d-i-y print shop. Many more projects supported by Veggies are shown in the Campaigns section of this website.

Radical Routes LogoIt is difficult to find a perfect bank – we use the Co-operative Bank, who at least have some ethical banking policies, that we can endorse. We are associate members of Radical Routes, the network of grassroots co-operatives working for social change, so any reserve funds are invested with ‘Rootstock‘ and the Sumac Centre, to support their work.

If you find our extensive internet service useful, we welcome donations towards our online and networking expenses.

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Small Print

Veggies is a service provider to many groups and individuals. The use by others of our address, telephone, website or other facilities does not imply that we approve of or condone any actions taken by these parties. Veggies and the Sumac Centre are not responsible for the actions, or the effects of the actions, of any third party.


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