Ethical Policies

Many consider Veggies to be one of the most ethical caterers on the circuit, with policies developed from 25 years experience in organic / fair trade / pure vegetarian catering and guided by feedback from customers and supporter via our ongoing ethical survey, which you are invited to complete.

We have been shortlisted in the Green Trading Standards scheme at previous Glastonbury Festivals and are 3-times winners of the ‘Best Vegan Caterer’ Awards. The following is our submission to Glastonbury Festival Green Trader Awards 2010

Have you traded at Glastonbury Festival before?

Since 1987

How will you travel to/from the festival?

Van with mix of diesel and reclaimed filtered chip oil

If you have staff, how do they travel to the festival?

Van with more than 2 occupants (7 actually) + car with 3 or more + public transport.

Do you own your stall or was it hired from the festival?


How long have you had your stall/Your equipment?

5-10 years

Do you use energy saving light bulbs?


We mainly use efficient LEDs that use 1w rather than 11w for similar light from regular low energy energy bulbs. We use an appropriate number to give sufficient lighting to run off a solar or wind powered 12volt supply. We never use powered generators when working on site.

What waste are you recycling?

Aluminium cans, cardboard, cooking oil, food waste, glass bottles, plastic bottles, tin.

We use no disposables, other than compostable paper napkins. We have always used proper mugs, returned by customers for reuse.

How will you dispose of cooking oil?

Filtered for reuse as fuel for vans.

What will you do with food and paper disposables?

Composted at permaculture garden.

Food waste from other events is brought back to base for composting in our own organic community demonstration garden.

What percentage of your food stock is organic?


What percentage of your food is locally sourced?


Our flagship product is own burgers handmade made on site from mixes that we make from for organically grown vegan ingredients. Vegetables and bread are supplied on site by an organic co-operative. Bread is otherwise usually supplied by an independent local Nottingham Bakery. Cakes are baked on site from organic ingredients (often with flour from Greens Windmill, 2 miles from our home base).

What are you selling that is Fairtrade?

Coffee, decaff coffee, hot chocolate, tea, redbush, herbal teas.

For over 25 years we have never stocked other than fair trade teas and coffees, which are also organic where available. Sugar is sourced as organic, rather than fairtrade.

What other criteria do you look for when sourcing ethical goods?

We ensure that all goods are vegan. We follow the product advice of the Ethical Consumer Research Association. Back in the day we never used products of the South African apartheid regime, a policy than continues in the avoidance of products from Israel.

Do you use eco-friendly or biodegradable detergents/cleaning products?

Yes. As well as having always been biodegradable, cleaning material are sourced in bulk from a vegan supplier for resale to supporters and volunteers in our local community.

If you have traded at Glastonbury Festival and entered the Green Traders Awards before, what improvements have you made since you last traded?

We have signed up to the 10/10 climate action campaign. We have resolved to reduce our default range of operation by 10% year on year to reduce travelling. We have actively supported the establishment of other volunteer-led, vegan campaign caterers in other parts of the country to further reduce travelling.

We continue to share the use of our facilities with many other campaign groups, including Climate Camp, Earth First and Peace News camps and gatherings.

Have you got any useful tips for ways in which traders can reduce the electricity, gas and water used during the festival?

Use no generators. Turn off extra gas equipment at quite times. Reuse washing up water to presoak pots and pans before washing. Small operations can use water from (reused) 25ltr tubs rather than running mains water.

Are there any other ways that Glastonbury Festival could make it easier for you to recycle your waste from your stall?

Provide recycling for plastic wrap and tetrapacks. Also perhaps (torch) batteries, although we ourselves use rechargables.

Do you have any other suggestions for improving the sustainability of the festival as a whole?

Include concerns over the environmental impact of livestock products in all aspects of ethical and environmental planning and monitoring. Livestock products have been held responsible for significant amount of methane & carbon emmisions. Whilst there may be debate over the detail, farmed animals compete inefficiently for food/feed, water and land resources, in a way which cannot be sustained if the global population were to adopt western patterns of consumption.

Do you think you should be short listed for the Gold or Silver Awards? If so why?

Many consider Veggies Catering Campaign to be one of the most ethical on the circuit. Our policies are not a flash in the pan, they have been the cornerstone of our operation for over 25 years, drawn from our close involvement is supporting many campaigns for humans, animals and the environment.