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CPR is a collectively managed print workshop and resource centre for Nottm’s campaign community, sharing the resources dispersed at various community locations including the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields / New Basford. Access is by prior arrangement.

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Printing specifications

We print on a risograph printer, which is like a duplicator with drums containing wet ink. A master (stencil) is cut by the machine, one for each page, and wrapped around the ink drum.

risographDue to the limitations of the printer very fine details is not possible, but some photos may be printed so long as the contrast is clear and they are not too detailed. Any pictures need to be in greyscale. If in doubt please send them separately in advance to George who may be able to advise on their suitability and possibly tweak them.

Black on white artwork by pdf is perfect. We can print newsletters on A3 paper but it would be best to send A4 pages. All in one document with pages simply running 1 to 4 (for example) will be fine – we will match up the corresponding pages at time of printing. Individual replacement pages can be exchanged if any changes are needed.

If possible leave a 10mm border. The printer can go as close as 6mm, but 10mm would be better. The printer does not bleed off to the edge of the page.

We can do two colour (or even 4 colour) printing – we have black, red, green and blue ink. For example we could print the heading and other text in black, and the picture in another colour. Colour separated artwork would be required, to produce a master stencil for each colour.

If you are able you could send a few sample pages as and when you have any ready. This will help us to check that we are working to the same spec.

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