Networking for Humans, other Animals and the Environment

Veggies Directory

For over 25 years Veggies has worked to foster links between the many groups and individuals that share our concerns relating to humans, other animals and the environment.

Over that time some 7000 such contacts have been gathered together in Veggies Directory, which has now been relaunched as an interactive database, allowing groups to submit and maintain their own listings.

We will be using the Directory to manage links throughout Veggies new website, so groups not in the Directory might miss out.

Many groups and networks have a presence on the web and other directories exist, but Veggies Directory is designed to maximise the mutual support that makes us all the more effective.

We believe that there is strength through diversity. By linking the issues on which we are active we will make it easier for groups to find like-minded people with whom they can build solidarity and enable enquirers to stumble across groups that they did not even know they were looking for.

When the work is complete there may again be up to 7000 entries in the directory, which we aim to use to encourage mutual support and co-operation across the movements with whom we work.

You Can Help

Add details of your group or ethical business, or any others that you support, at

Perhaps you would like to be a ‘researcher’ for a particular section of the directory, or adopt part of the activist media to monitor for additional contact info.

Veggies existing ‘Animal Contacts Directory’, the culmination of 20 years work, is at

To make it a more effective resource for the 21st century Veggies Directory has been relaunched at

The old directory included various sections that we use constantly in our work, including:

Was: Vegan Business Connection, now …here…

Was: Vegan & Vegetarian Caterers, now …here…

Was: Nottinghamshire Contacts, now …here…

Whilst we are gathering data into the new Directory, you might wish to check the old and new listings.

If you are on the old listings, please add your entry to the new Directory.