Sumac Room Hire

Sumac provides a space for others to put on events in keeping with the Sumac ethos.

Provisional details should be written onto a suitable free date in the room bookings diary.

It is the assumed responsibility of those holding regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly bookings to ensure that they are written into the diary for as far into the future as appropriate.

Events proposed for a bar night (Thurs, Fri, Saturday), or requiring a bar at other times should be discussed with the Bar Group at their weekly meeting (usually Wednesday).

PA, Disco Equipment and/or Projector, are available for use in house, by arrangement. (They may only be used elsewhere by Sumac Volunteers).

Check list for hirers reference – print and complete

[ ] Note details in bookings diary

  • Include Title of Event and contact details, eg name, phone no and/or email address.

  • Indicate times or at least ‘morning, afternoon or evening’.
  • Indicate if bar is requested and IF late opening (ie until 12) is requested.
  • Indicate if it is intended to provide food, which must be vegan at events open to the public, (or vegetarian for private bookings).
  • Indicate if event requires PA, Disco Equipment or Projector.
  • There should not be a live amplified music event more often than once a fortnight.

[ ] Send these same details, and any additional background information, by plain text email to, (or as a written note) for circulation to the admin group, otherwise there may be no-one to open up for the event

[ ] If event is proposed for Thurs, Fri or Saturday, or if bar is required at other times, send details to Bar Group at their weekly Wednesday Evening meeting. The bar group must agree before bookings on bar nights can be confirmed.

[ ] Check access to kitchen if required.

[ ] Design, print and circulate posters and fliers, including for display at Sumac!

[ ] Submit any additional details for display on the Sumac website Diary, using Veggies contact form or by email to A jpg image may be attached for website if appropriate (or a link included for an existing image elsewhere).

[ ] Submit details to Nottm Indymedia, if appropriate, including posters to download & display.


Agreed at Sumac meeting 7th December 2009

The Sumac Centre exists to promote, support and provide resources for, radical social change and it aims to make the centre accessible to all regardless of culture, sex, race, sexuality, or other aspects of individual identity.

The Sumac Centre provides space for groups & organisations to meet, hold gatherings or events provided both the ethos of the group/organisation and the purpose of the meeting/event/gathering does not conflict with the Sumac Centre’s secondary rules and ethical policies.

The Sumac Centre asks for donations to cover costs of opening the centre for groups but acknowledges that some groups have no or little funds whilst other are funded in some way and will be able to make contributions towards these costs.

Suggested contribution per (roughly) 3 hour session (morning, afternoon, evening)

  • £10 base rate for voluntary unfunded organisations

  • £20 rate for partly funded organisations / like minded groups
  • £40 rate for fully funded organisations

No political parties or organised religions are permitted to hold events or to promote themselves at the centre.

A note confirming the amount of the contribution should been sent to the group/organisation, or a note made of the group/organisation, the amount of the donation and date of the room hire.

Payment should be made payable to “The Sumac Centre”. Any cheques or cash collected for room hire should be given to the Treasurer together with invoice reference or a note setting out the name of the group/organisation and the date of the room hire.

The monthly admin meeting of the Sumac Centre may consider room hire at less than these rates for Rainbow Centre Ltd member groups where these are small groups and the cost of room hire can only be raised by way of individual donations given at the meeting by members of the group.

Please print off this printable version and work through the checklist.

There is also a PDF version of this info, including rules and procedures, secondary rules, Forest Fields Social club rules, room booking procedure and a bit about mail boxes.

Boiler appeal

Here at the Sumac we’re all getting very cold. The 40 year old boiler has expired which means the heating is out. In January we’ll be getting the boiler replaced and so will once more be warm in our bodies as well as our hearts. Until then we need to find other ways to keep snug.

If anyone out there has a spare fan heater to lend us for six weeks that would be tremendous. Please contact us and we’ll sort out delivery.

Otherwise, to help us raise the £2,500 required to install a new, efficient boiler, please hit the button to donate to our boiler appeal by paypal or plastic, or next time you are in drop a quid or two into the bucket.

Thank you