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To benefit people worldwide, as well as other animals, the local and global environment and your own health, read the guides from our friends at Vegan Campaigns and the Vegan Society.

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Veggies Catering Campaign
are local contacts for the Vegan Society, the Vegetarian Society of the UK, the Movement for Compassionate Living, Animal Aid and the educational / campaigning group Viva!.
Though our extensive website, and with practical day-to-day support, Veggies co-ordinates a network of vegan projects in Nottingham.

Read on for our guide to vegan Nottingham…


Veggies Catering Campaign

Yum YumVeggies provides catering at many local (and national) events and can provide vegan buffets for all events from meeting and gatherings to birthdays and weddings. A freezer service supplies shops and cafes around the region.

Members of Veggies, and others, provide speakers for talks at schools etc, run info stalls at local and national events and support days of action called from time to time, including regular Vegan Free Food Give-away events.

Information, leaflets and recipe books are available from Veggies at the Sumac Centre, where we are based. Click here for printed catalogue new_window logo, or to request delivery at an event (see diary below).

You’ll find recipes and more at our website:

Members, supporters and friends often get together for a meal, during the lead up to Christmas, during National Vegetarian Week (in June) and on World Vegan Day (November 1st), as well as the People’s Kitchen meal at the Sumac Centre every Saturday.

For details of events specifically attended by Veggies see Veggies Events Diary.


Sumac Centre

The Sumac Centre provides resources for many local groups and individuals, campaigning for human and animal rights, on environmental issues and for peace, co-operation and social justice worldwide, issues that we believe can benefit from the adoption of veg(etari)an diets .

The Sumac Centre has a pure vegetarian cafe and a social club bar at 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX.

For opening times check the website or subscribe here for a weekly digest of Sumac news and events.


Screaming Carrot

Screaming CarrotA cooperative business, aiming to provide tasty, ethical foods at fair prices. Pasties, pies and cakes from a fully vegan bakery in the Forest Fields area of Nottingham.

Our kitchen is completely vegan – it is wholly meat, dairy and egg-free, so there is no risk of contamination by utensils and cooking pots.

Screaming Carrot on Veggies Directory


My Cupcakes

My CupcakesMy Cupcakes is an Nottinghamshire company, specialising in 100% Vegan & Gluten Free cupcakes, celebration cakes, seasonal cakes, tea parties and vegan products.

My Cupcakes supports the vegan movement, running stalls at many vegan festivals & fairs.

Visit My Cupcakes website.


Green Revolution

Green RevolutionGreen Revolution is a Nottingham based 100% vegan takeaway that is all about real food!

All ingredients are top quality and mostly organic and local; and being vegan themselves they know how important it is to be able to order food that you can trust.

Find Green Revolution at many vegan events around the region, or visit Green Revolution on Facebook.


Vegan Free Food Give-away

Vegan logoRegular events are held to encourage and support the public in moving towards a more healthy and compassionate diet, to benefit people, animals and the planet.

Run by local campaigners and supported by local & national vegan suppliers, these stalls are at the front line of introducing the public to the joys of vegan living!

Read more about Free Food Givaways.


Vegan Outreach Diary

vegan_outreach_buttonFind details of Vegan Festivals and Fairs, & similar events all over the UK, on the Vegan Outreach Diary compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign.


Nottingham Animal Rights

N.A.R. co-ordinates campaigns, info stalls, meetings and trips to demos, including many of the project detailed on this page. Regular street stalls are held at St Peters Gate.

There are meetings & social chit chat fortnightly on Thursdays at the Sumac Centre or in the City Centre.

For announcements of news and events subscribe to our news list

Contact Nottingham Animal Rights via the N.A.R website.

Vegan Nottingham

A Vegan (and Vegetarian) Guide to Nottingham is an invaluable guide for both residents of, and visitors to, Vegan Nottingham.

Click here for newly revised Vegan Nottingham Guide.

Visit the Vegan Nottingham website
… or the mobile phone version.

With Screaming Carrot – an all-vegan bakery; the all-vegan ‘My Cupcake‘ company; Green Revolution – an all-vegan takeaway/delivery service; the all-vegan Sumac Centre Social Centre and Veggies, the UK’s leading all-vegan campaigning catering company, there’s plenty to support in Vegan Nottingham. There’s even a long established all-vegan perfume company, Dolma Perfumes.

A special mention too to Annie’s Burger Shack with over 30 gourmet burgers, designed as vegan, with non-vegan options, rather than the other way around.


Happy Cow Nottingham Veggie Guide

Happy Cow logo

HappyCow's Healthy Eating Guide


NottsVeg / Veg*an Meetup Group

Notts VegNottsVeg is a Nottingham-based group for vegans and vegetarians which focuses on social events, restaurant meals, drinks, walks, film nights, pot-luck suppers and other social gatherings, and outings to veggie-related happenings and venues.

It is hoped the group will act as another link in the chain knitting together the vegan/vegetarian community in Nottingham and surrounding areas and also as a useful port of call for veggies who are new to Nottingham or new to, or thinking of taking up, the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Events are organized through the Nottingham Vegetarian Vegan Meetup Group


NTU Vegetarian Society

A university social group motivated towards, though not exclusive to, vegetarians and vegans.

The Notttingham Trent University Vegetarian Society welcomes new student members, to attend socials, trips to Vegan/Vegetarian food fairs, festivals, cake sales, cooking demonstrations and restaurant trips.

Non-members (i.e.: those not students at NTU) are also very welcome to attend our events :) Feel free to contact us via or Facebook: NTU Vegetarian Society

Or find Notttingham Trent University Vegetarian Society on Veggies Directory


Nottm Uni Veg SocNottingham University Vegetarian & Vegan Society

The society aims to promote Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles and provide a social space for Vegetarian and Vegan students…

Contact the Nottingham University Vegetarian & Vegan Society via their website or facebook group


Brinsley Animal Rescue

Brinsley Animal Rescue is run on vegan principles, providing a home for life for animals rescued from livestock farming and other abuse.

Further details at


VegCom Accommodation

A free accommodation listing service for vegetarians and vegans needing or offering places to stay is co-ordinated by Veggies at

We’d be delighted to receive feedback regarding anywhere else, exclusively veggie or otherwise, that caters well for visiting vegetarians & vegans.


East Midlands Vegan Festival

A regional vegan festival held for 6 years at the Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham.

See details of the next event at


Sumac Vegan Beer Festival

The 1st (ever) Vegan Beer Festival was held on 5th – 6th June 2010, featuring 19 beers and 6 ciders, all containing no fish!

The Vegan Beer Festival Webpage retains lots of related information.

Meanwhile Amanda at the Vegan Society has produced a briefing based on info from their Trademark database, from Ed and Sharyn at Real Ale for All and also from the very welcome re-appeared vegetarian/vegan list on CAMRA website

Download the Vegan Society Vegan Beer briefing (.doc)


Veggies Catering Campaign are the hosts of this site, and sponsors of the Sumac Centre, funded by the work of Veggies volunteers at many events throughout the UK.

Veggies also co-ordinate a diary of all things veggie, which includes the local activities of all the groups mentioned here, and from other like-minded groups in Nottingham.

You can subscribe here for a weekly digest of news and events from Veggies and the Sumac Centre.

For contact details of many more groups involved with healthy eating, human rights, animals and the environment see Veggies Directory at


To let us know about other vegetarian or vegan projects in Nottingham, please contact:

Veggies at the Sumac Centre

245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6XH

Ph: 0845 458 9595




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