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Eat the Burger – Wear the T.Shirt

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

We are about to go to print with this year’s Summer Tour T.Shirt, to be printed for us by Sunrise Screenprint, for delivery at Glastonbury Festival.

Veggies T.Shirt 2014

Click here for T.Shirt PDF Artwork

Veggies 2014 Tour Dates

Click here for Tour Dates PDF Artwork

Thanks Anna for the designs from which we worked:

2014 shirt drafts

For an exclusive opportunity to be the first to wear the shirt, Join Our Crew! or find us at Glastonbury Festival.

Here are some we made earlier…

2013 Badger Tour

2013 shirtBadger tour dates

Veggies Summer ‘Tor’

Summer Tor

2009 Tour Dates

2009 Tour

25th Anniversary Tour

25th Anniversary

(See dates here)

15th Anniversary T.Tshirt

They joined the crew & got far more than just a t.shirt

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Milk of Human Kindness

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Milk of Human KindnessFor almost 30 years Veggies of Nottingham have been working to promote compassionate catering. In all those years we have never used calves milk, nor any other animal products. In 1984 this was unheard of, but now customers rarely ask “do you have normal milk” – Plant Milk Is Normal.

The choice is no longer soya milk or calves milk. With Oat Milk, Hemp Milk, Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, Soya Milk, Spelt Milk, Almond Milk, Hazelnut Milk and many more widely available why would any one choose to cause suffering to cows and their calves.

With the support of Granovita (soya milk), Koko (coconut milk) Good Hemp (hemp milk) and others, Veggies continues to bring these many choices to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Different milks may be preferred for different purposes. Some are better to make smoothies or ice-cream, for cooking, on cereals, or for use in tea & coffee.

Experiment. Enjoy them all!

non-dairy milks

This non-dairy milk spotter chart is from the Stop the Cull facebook page. For a discussion of many more choices and preferences visit the Stop the Cull site.

The dairy industry is pressing for the killing of 70% badgers in cull zones, but what else can farmers do to ‘protect’ their cows? When they have killed ‘their’ cows at an unnaturally young age (when their milk production falls), they could grow almonds, hazelnuts, oats or hemp instead. The efficiencies of growing food for direct human consumption might free up land for wildlife, and even for ex-dairy cattle to live out their lives in retirement.

Tips for successful use of plant milks

These days people understand that soya milk may separate in coffee – they rarely complain, but they do seek the solution.

The factors behind soy milk separating are acidity and temperature.

The solution: the optimal temperature to brew coffee if about 93 °C – not boiling.
If your milk separates simply add more milk, allow coffee to cool or make it less strong. Some milks settle, so it is always worth giving a quick shake before use.

Advice for going dairy-free is available from the Animal Aid website.

Read the facts about milk production and consumption, human health, animal welfare and factory farmed cows at

Ethical Consumer ratings for non-dairy milk

Buyer's guide to non-dairy milkThis table shows ratings based on the Nov/Dec 2012 Ethical Consumer Report.

The report includes info on ‘Who makes what, soya sourcing & GM policies’.

For example Dean Foods, who own the Alpro, Provamel, Soya Soleil and White Wave brands, is a massive dairy company in the USA, reported to control up to 90% of the processed milk market in some states.

Best Buys

As at 20th November 2013, the live scores available to Ethical Consumer subscribers indicated that the Best Buys for soya milk are: Plamil, The Bridge, Soyatoo! and Granovita.

For other non-dairy milks the Best Buys are Good Hemp, EcoMil, The Bridge, Oatly and Rice & Rice.

For more info see our Ethical Consumer discussion for non-dairy milk.

Plant Milk Sampling with Veggies

Print & distribute the flier

Plant Milk Flier
Plant Milk Flier


Johnny: “To support unhealthy industrially farmed milk full of puss the centre of nottingham was blocked off with barriers, goodness knows how the elderly& physically disabled coped. No wonder cows get TB, if you want to help stop badger culls avoid most milk, please.”

TomClements: “The Milk Race”. What a joke. Trying to propagandize milk as some sort of health-giving food, despite the world’s healthiest societies being entirely dairy-free and supported by largely plant-based food. Dairy only does us, the environment and the animals that produce it massive amounts of harm. It’s a vile industry that wields far too much power over people and governments.

Plamil : Plantmilk Pioneers

Arthur Ling formed Plamil to market The Milk of Human Kindness in 1965!

View the conversation on Twitter

Shortlink to this page

Veggies @ Glastonbury 2013

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Glastonbury 2013 was a big success for Veggies Catering Campaign, especially in terms of our vegan campaign outreach.

Veggies 2013 Glastonbury Gallery

On arrival we found that Veggies was sited at a key location at the entrance to the Green Futures Field, right off the Old Railway Track crossroads.

This was great to catch the people going up the track…

Glastonbury 2013

… and those coming back down:

Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury Panorama

Click here for Lakeside view

Info for Action

Info for actonA big part of our mission was to encourage support for the many events that we attend, including Peace News Summer Camp, the Animal Rights Gathering and Reclaim the Power (No Dash for Gas) Action Camp. Veggies Catering Campaign has a unique roll in uniting movements for positive social change, catering at actions, camps and gatherings.

Other campaigns that we support, such as the Radical Routes network and the Movement for Compassionate Living were featured on impromptu displays.

Our location enabled us to highlight other activities in the Green Futures Field, such as the Speakers Forum, which featured the Lush Charity Pot Slam, and the main Green Information Point further up the track:

Glastonbury 2013

A special mention too to Zia Solar Systems that helped with the power to keep the foods as chilled as the crew!

Pulp Friction Smoothies

Pulp Friction Smoothie BikeWe were delighted to have been loaned a Pulp Friction bike to add d-i-y smoothies to the low-tech, low energy activities at Veggies at Glastonbury.

Festival goers enjoyed fresh fruit smoothies and shakes with Koko Coconut Milk.

Pulp Friction logo

Pulp Friction Smoothie Bar Project, from Nottingham, provides volunteering opportunities for young adults, taking their smoothie bikes to different community events – schools, youth clubs, playschemes, community festivals etc.

Pulp Friction Bike

Goody Good Stuff sweets – too Goody Good to walk on by!

Goody Good Stuff sweets combine the highest quality blend of ingredients including natural fruit juices and extracts which create a beautifully clear consistency and a superior taste experience. The entire line is vegetarian, fat-free, meat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Halal and Kosher certified.

And yes…

We got to see some band…

Stones at GlastonburyStones at Glastonbury

… and slept for a week after!

To see how all this compares with our plans and expectations, see our glastonbury-badger-action-cafe posting from before the event.


badgerOur crew are reflecting on ways to make this huge campaign outreach mission work even better in future. If you have and thought, please contact us.

- “Well, first and foremost, I think we should totally be giving ourselves a big pat of the back. Couldn’t really ask much more from a team. :)

- Campaign space worked better than it ever has.

- In spite of some fantastic contributions to the Veggies aesthetic, our frontage and customer lounge still looked like the practical marqueue of a not-for-profit, grass roots, campaigning organization, rather than a slick professional venue (IMHO).

- Campaigning: We need to have recurring activities to draw people in like the smoothy maker, taste testings and other good ideas. They need to be on all the time as well, we had a great campaign space and people came when they could interact in some way, but when there was nothing to interact with the space seemed pretty quiet apart from staff ;) (its Glastonbury they’ll find other things to do). We need to properly brainstorm interactive things we can have inside the space and practice them before the event (maybe use at regular events as well) and have them running as long as the space is open and draw lots of people in and get them educated or at least give them a leaflet.

- One crew member in the multi-use space just didn’t really work in my opinion, you get pulled into a conversation about the badger cull, giving a milk taster round, prepping fruit for the pedal-smoothie, clearing up the space and sign-posting people to the trailer for their coffee. If you add to that trying to start a burger demo, re-organise the merchandise, checking the honesty pots, facepaint and clean up the relishes table, it makes it impossible for 1 person in a multi-use space to do any one of those things efficiently or effectively.

- People used the cafe space when trailer crew encouraged them to, same goes for campaign space. I think if trailer crew felt more joined up with the campaign space and had those quick conversations whilst burgers were waiting or coffee brewing, it would have got a masses more traffic. It’s the point of contact, if we miss that, we miss the person.

- Integrate not just the trailer into the campaign space but the crew and the whole approach – otherwise we really are just serving burgers to rich festival punters and raising funds for Veggies (which is valid but we can do more than just that):

- Trailer crew are resourced with whatever they need to make those conversations with customers possible

- The campaign period is shortened with 2 crew on it at all times or better seek funding or other support to be able to extend the campaigning for a full 12 hours each day.

- Much clearer continuity between the Veggies trailer and the ‘badger cafe’ – customers really didn’t get that it was the same space

- I also think we should have stayed open until 5am as between midnight and 4am everyone who normally camps out around the main stages is somewhere between Arcadia, Shangra La and the stone circle.

- An additional crew member might be be better used helping in kitchen rather than than trailer, so that more cake, bhajis, pizza, soups, meals etc could be made.

- Chrissy enjoyed cooking crew meals, and didn’t mind working through til 9pm most evenings. Surplus meals might be offered on an ad-hoc basis to customers, subject to availability.

- We absolutely should have had some frontage next to Groovy Movie. We were focussed so much on grabbing attention from the cross roads we were actually closing ourselves off from people coming back down from the stone circle, or in the Green Futures Field.

- We need to think about cake display – we should keep an eye out for a two or three tiered cake display with a cover. I also think we should have had cakes, pasties and cold drinks on a table in the marquee with an honestly pot for those who did come in asking.

- The Indian place down the track was already trading when we arrived so we must be open as early as possible. On the Tuesday evening we were the only people open and we were doing steady trade throughout.

- There were times before and after the main festival was running that crew were hungry and the conventional 3 meals a day hadn’t really been considered and planned in.

- I would have liked to have a daily meeting/briefing during which ideally all crew members get together to:
… communicate the ‘extra-tasks’ and priorities of the day, and designate people to action those so everybody knows what to do and how to help
… raise any relevant issues (concerns, worries, requests for help, big-ups…) in order to facilitate communication and relieve any tension amongst ourselves as well as celebrate our hard work 8-)

- The festival officially finished on Sunday night. Some of the team arrived home late on Tuesday evening.

GM Oil in Nottingham Restaurants

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

GM – Just Say No!

GM OilFOOD that has been genetically modified could be on sale in as many as one-in-four pubs, restaurants and takeaways in our region.

Trading standards officers in York found around a quarter of caterers using cooking oils sourced from a genetically modified (GM) food without telling their customers. The same GM oil is on sale, including wholesale to caterers, in Nottingham. Bookers and other catering suppliers have been selling oil identified as GM by very small print on the cans.

The law requires that consumers should be made aware – before purchasing – that the food they are eating is either sourced from genetically modified food or contains genetically modified food, but many caterers may be ignorant of the law, or not carrying out proper checks of their ingredients. They are required to reveal it on the menu or on a prominent notice. It is illegal for them to conceal this information, and they must not wait for customers to ask for it. Failure to comply is a criminal offense. The maximum penalty on conviction in a magistrates’ court is a fine of £20,000.

Any consumers who are at all concerned regarding the inclusion of GM food should specifically ask the caterers when ordering their food whether it is GM, or sourced from a GM origin. The law requires the owner to provide an honest answer.

To spread the work download, print and distribute our handy gm-oil-in-nottingham cards

Linkback to this page:


G.M? Just say no

Support Bumblebee Conservation

Picture from May 2013 Demo Against Monsanto

KTC Oil is distributed by:

KTC (Edibles) Ltd,
J S House, Moorcroft Drive, Moorcroft Park, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 7DE
Ph: 0121 505 9200

On their website at the product is described as “A clear liquid oil suitable for culinary purposes”, with no immediately visible reference to its GM source amongst the many product pictures and listings.

March’08: 20 drums KTC oil now flashed as ‘non-GM’, but 20ltr boxes still labelled as made from GM soya.

June’09: 20 drums KTC oil, again labelled as made from GM soya, seen on wholesale supply at the Glastonbury Festival, as reported on our Concerned about Genetically Mutated Food? page.

Nov’11: Product page for ‘Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil’ now lists ‘Ingredients:Vegetable Oil (produced from genetically modified soya), Anti-foaming agent E900.’

Also: ‘Olive Pomace Oil Blended’. Ingredients: Olive Pomace Oil (51%), Vegetable Oil (produced from genetically modified soya) (49%), Anti-foaming agent (E900).

Nov’12: 4ltr tins of ‘Vegetable Oil’ found to be ‘produced from genetically modified soya’.

May’13: Ingredients information no longer shown on Product page for ‘Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil’.

See details of survey in York, “Trading Standards uncover GM food law breaches” at and bring this to the attention of your local Trading Standards.

Consumers wanting information on GM food should visit the Food Standards Agency website or see for breaking news.

This should also concern those using ‘straight vegetable oil’ as an alternative to diesel fuel. This is also an issue in relation to food security as the price of a basic food commodity such as vegetable oil will inevitably increase when used as a motor fuel.
This may be discussed on the forum.

Dorset eateries warned over GM oil

Dorset Echo, 21st July 2010

DINERS in Dorset have unwittingly been eating genetically modified (GM) food, according to the county’s Trading Standards service.

A survey of 48 restaurants throughout the county found 13 of them were breaking the law by using cooking oils containing GM substances without telling their customers.

Of the 13 catering businesses Trading Standards officers found breaking the rules, two are in Weymouth, one is in Dorchester and one is in Portland.

Of the remaining nine, two are in Sturminster Newton, three are in Wimborne, one is in Ferndown, one is in Christchurch and one is in Blandford.

Dorset Trading Standards chief Ivan Hancock says he cannot name the eateries found falling foul of the GM laws because of national Freedom of Information legislation and because he does not want to run a ‘naming and shaming’ campaign.

The owner of the Weymouth restaurants found to have breached the rules – Sinan Keskin, of Café Express in King Street and Cafelicious in St Thomas Street – agreed to be identified in the Dorset Echo.

Mr Keskin, 28, said he had not been made aware of the need to tell his customers about the GM ingredients his premises used before the Trading Standards investigation and had now changed the products he uses to comply with the law.

He said: “It was quite a surprise to me to find out about this law.

“Nobody had told us about it and I didn’t know before that I had to tell my customers.

“I’ve now changed the oil I use to a GM-free variety, which costs an extra £2 per container.”

Mr Keskin, who has been running Cafelicious for six years and Café Express for two, added: “There is a need to comply with the law and if this is what Trading Standards want, it’s what I will do.

“I’m not going to argue with that but it seems like it could cover a wider area.

“For example, if a customer comes in saying they want Halal food or
vegetarian food, do I need to tell them that the plate it’s served on may have had bacon on it?

“Or, would I need to tell them that their plate has been washed in the same sink or machine as plates that have had meat on them?
“If I’m going to be 100 per cent above board do my customers have to be told about these things?”

Mr Keskin said he now spends around an extra £16 per week on GM-free cooking oils at his businesses to comply with the GM food laws.

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Vegan Christmas

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Jump to: Vegan Christmas Festivals and Fairs . Shopping . Not Shopping

Read on for Recipes and a whole lot more…

Santa is VeganA request for a vegan Christmas pudding recipe was the starting point for a round-up of references for all your vegan Christmas enquiries.

Plamil Advent ChocsThe first stop on our tour takes us to the Yuletide recipes and advice from the Vegan Family’s Christmas website, with everything from Cashew Nut Roast with Sage and onion stuffing to the Christmas Pudding recipe.

You’ll find lots of other useful advice at the VeganFamily site, including info for kids, a full range of family-friendly recipes, shopping sites, books and more, and there’s an Easter section too. To be honest their site is much better than this!

UrangutanSome recipes include vegetarian suet, made from palm oil. If you’d rather avoid palm oil to protect the forest home of threatened urangutans, try the suet-free Christmas pudding recipe from the Vegan Society’s Christmas section. (More info on vegetable suet from Veggies)

Other good sources of information include:

VeggieKids, a project of Viva!, is a one-stop shop for young veggies or vegans — and their parents and carers. For a free download of their recipe booklet, written by children, which includes Chocolate Pudding Cake and a Cashew Mushroom Roast, visit the Veggie Kids website.

For recipes for such delights as Tofu Turkey, a speciality of our Steve, and Christmas Cup Cakes, visit the Vegan Easy website.

Cooking For Vegans offer good advice on how to accommodate vegans and omnivores at the same meal on their Vegan Christmas Dinner site.

Vegan LogoChristmas recipes are provided by Animal Aid, the Vegan Society and Viva! for starters, main dishes, side dishes, stuffing, gravy and desserts.

Veg Soc LogoThe Vegetarian Society also have some nice Christmas recipes, not all of them are vegan but they label the ones that are or can be made vegan. Start with the Christmas Pie, then put ‘Christmas in the search box to look through over 50 other recipes.

Redwoods RoastCheck out vegan-run companies for their recipes and specialist products, such as the “Turk-ish” Christmas Strudel recipe by Fry’s or VBites (Redwoods) Celebration Roast, part of their Festive products range.

Vegetarian and Vegan France even have a recipe for Christmas Pudding Porridge. They say that this is not as ridiculous as it may seem, as before the 16th century porridge was the original christmas pudding – dried fruit and spices work as well in porridge as in a pudding!

For many more ideas simply add ‘vegan recipe’ to anything you fancy on an internet search, often finding good results on the BBC Food website, which currently includes 1148 vegan recipes!

Vegan Christmas

Adrian’s Vegan Christmas website includes:

Vegan Christmas Fairs

These events from the the Vegan Outreach Diary provide an excellent opportunity to find dozens, or even 100+ vegan friendly groups and businesses under one room, often with free food samples, talks, films and cookery demonstrations too.

For more events visit the Vegan Outreach Diary

More Christmas Shopping

Moo Free Chocolate Advent CalendarYou’ll find lots of Christmas Treats from these vegan stores:

For vegan chocolate, sweets & snacks from a grass-roots vegan campaigner, support Lakeside Ethical Treats

For new and exciting, all-vegan products including a Christmas Plum Pudding, Advent Calendars, Chocolate Apricots and Chocolate Coin Bags visit the Animal Aid Shop

Choose gifts for life from the Viva Shop and the Vegan Society Shop.

Find Kids books, t-shirts chocolate and more at They also have links to other ethical shopping sites.

Vegan Christmas Gifts from Shop Vegan include perfumes, shoes, Booja Booja Chocolates and even give sponsorship for Hillfields Animal Sanctuary.

For Holy Cow Chocolate Santas, Chocolate Xmas Tree Decorations and a whole the more visit the Vegan Store.

Santa is VeganFor Santa Is Vegan Christmas T-Shirts And Gifts visit the Vegan owned & operated the Veggie Shirts (from the USA)

Veggies ScofferFor more useful & random items Buy Stuff from Veggies, including Veggies Scoffer recipe book, an excellent stocking filler and tummy filler!

If you know other vegan, Christmas themed recipe sites, events or distinctive online shopping, please contact us.

Find more stuff to buy from Veggies …here…

Don’t Buy Stuff At All…

Vegfam logoWhilst this roundup aim to encourage (relatively) ethical consumer choices, another option is to ‘Live simply so that all might simply live‘.

Please give the gift of life with a donation to VEGFAM, to “feed the hungry without exploiting animals. VEGFAM helps people overseas by providing funds for self-supporting, sustainable food projects and the provision of safe drinking water.

[Support Vegfam here]

Vegetable Suet

Community Vegetable SuetBy the way, if you would like to use vegetable suet, consider this:

The supplier of Community Foods vegetable suet has provided the following information about the palm oil used in production of this product:

“Regarding sustainable palm oil we are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and our supply chain is validated to BM Trada. The palm oil we buy is “Mass Balance” and as such recognized as sustainable. “

“The palm oil we supply within our product is from the Mass Balance Scheme, which guarantees that for every kg of “non-segregated” palm oil which is sold an equivalent kg of “fully segregated” palm oil is manufactured and sold. This scheme is used to fund the growth in “fully segregated” palm oil plantations, so that supply can fulfill worldwide demand for “fully segregated” palm oil, which is currently not possible.”

Read more about Palm Oil at Ethical Consumer

The formation of the RSPO has not been without criticism from various sectors, especially the environmental NGOs. The main issues flagged include: The impact of palm oil plantation expansion on the Orang Utan population; Destruction of tropical forest for the new oil palm plantation schemes in South-East Asia; The burning and draining of large tracks of peat swamp forest in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Wikipedea 29Nov12

Published on: Nov 19, 2012 @ 1:33
Re-published on: 11-Nov 12, 2013 @ 23:28

Zapatista & Freedom for Political Prisoner Calendars

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Zapatista Calendar 2012

The Zapatista Calendar 2012 is published jointly by the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group and Kiptik. All proceeds go to health and drinking water projects in Zapatista communites.

These were going for £7+p&p, but are now available for £5 inc delivery.

Buy Now …

If you live in Nottingham you can buy calendars from Veggies at the Sumac Centre.


zapatista calendar


calendar pictures

Freedom for Political Prisoner Calendars

Certain Days Calendar

The proceeds from the Freedom for Political Prisoner Calendar will be divided among the groups shown on the Certain Days website.

These were for £7+p&p, but are now available for £5 inc delivery.

Buy Now …

If you live in Nottingham you can buy calendars from Veggies at the Sumac Centre.

Veggies Scoffer – 26 years on the catering front line

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Veggies Scoffer

April 2011: This new title from Scoffer Publications is now available!

Veggies Scoffer includes:

Anecdotes from 26th years catering at the frontline

Perhaps you were at J18 or M40 RTS street parties, the G8 in Stirling, Glastonbury or on Hatfield Peat Moor? You may even have stood with us in the snow at Molesworth US Airforce Base in the winter of ’85!

What was your favourite Veggies Event?

Recipies from Veggies events.

Have you been fed by Veggies at camps or gatherings, festivals or fairs, weddings or birthdays, or any other events?

Veggies Scoffer includes recipes from…

  • Climate Camps
  • Peace News Camp
  • AR Gatherings
  • Radical Routes Gatherings
  • Veggieskool Catering
  • Peoples Kitchen

Be your own Veggies
- How to set up a Veggies group
- Trailers / street stalls / indoor fairs / event catering
- Cooking with Veggies Mixes

Guest recipies from other campaign caterers, including Anarchist Teapot, Green Garden Cafe, Something Fishy, Fairfoods, Vegan Campaigns, Shambu’s, Screaming Carrot

Veggies Tour Dates – featuring events on our annual itinerary

Veggies Scoffer is now available from our Scoffer Publications section.

Veggies Summer Barbecue

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Veggie Summer Barbecue
Adapted from the Vegetarian Society Networking Newsletter (mainly by adding the ‘s’ to Veggies!)

This article recently featured in the Young Veggie pages of The Vegetarian.
We thought it was worth reprinting in time for summer in Youth Matters, too.

Lots of parties and get-togethers during the summer months centre around the garden and the barbecue. Even though barbecues are traditionally associated with cooking meat, vegetarians can enjoy a good barbecue as much as anyone else. Give these two menus a try for super-tasty summer barbecues.

Simple summer barbecue:

Veggies burgers, or make your own with Veggies Burger Mixes
Bread rolls
Simple salad garnish (sliced tomatoes, greens such as lettuce or spinach, grated carrot, sliced onions)
Condiments (tomato sauce, salad cream, brown sauce, mayonnaise, chilli sauce)
Corn chips with salsa
Hummus with raw vegetables (peppers, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, celery)
Fresh summer fruit (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)

Deluxe Veggies barbecue:

For the grill-
Marinated firm tofu skewers with Mediterranean vegetables
Peppers stuffed with tomato and vegan feta cheese
Spiced sweet potato slices
Veggies burgers, or make your own with Veggies Burger Mixes

On the side-
Hummus with vegetables
Lemony bean salad
Potato salad with chopped mint and lemon
Platter of sundried tomatoes, olives, vegan cheeses and savoury biscuits
Breads (pitta, rolls, etc)
Toasted vegan marshmallows (from Veggies) and s’mores

Tip: Make sure that any food items that usually need refrigeration, like Plamil mayonnaise or hummus, are kept cool by either being served on a bowl of ice or kept indoors.

Best Vegan Catering Service

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Despite standing down from the Vegan Society Awards after winning in three consecutive years, Veggies Catering Campaign has yet again been voted “Best Vegan Catering Service”, this time in the UK Vegan Awards 2010!

Vegan Award

The UK Vegan Awards 2010 were an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the products, places, companies, organisations and campaign groups who make a real difference to veganism, animals and the environment.

Winners were announced and certificates presented at the West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton on Saturday 30th October 2010.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Veggies Catering Campaign in the 2010 awards. We admire your good taste, not just on our behalf, but for all the other winning selections, every one of which we are pleased to be associated. We send them all our best wishes and congratulations.

Winners of the UK Vegan Awards 2010

1. Best vegan friendly cafe/restaurant
Pogo Cafe, London

…2. Best vegan chocolate producer

3. Best national vegan awareness raising group
Vegan Society

4. Best vegan footwear supplier
Vegetarian Shoes

5. Best vegan bodycare products

6. Best vegan catering service
Veggies Catering Campaign

7. Best animal rights campaign group
Animal Aid

8. Best promotion of veganism by an environmental group/organisation
Vegan Organic Network

9. Best shop for vegan food
Planet Organic, London

10. Best vegan meat
Redwood Wholefood Company

Veggies Directory LogoWe support many groups and individuals that share our concerns, making connections through Veggies Directory.

screen shot(See award-winning Veggies winning yet another award at 2mins 48 secs in!)

We are delighted to add this to our overflowing ‘award-winning-caterer’ Awards Gallery!

The Return of the Cake Scoffer

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Ronny’s new Cheap ‘n’ Easy Vegan Cooking book has arrived!

Cake Scoffer coverTen years on from Ronny’s original Cake Scoffer, this new title has another 25 amazing and yummy recipes in the same inimitable style.

The original has been the mainstay of many people’s kitchen bookshelf and this new one promises to be just as popular.

You can order one or one hundred copies direct from Veggies, (who have funded the publication of the book)!

Send £1.50 per copy + postage:

1 or 2 copies: £1.50 each + 36p;

3-5 copies: £1.50 each + 92p;

7-9 copies: £1.50 each + £1.23

(Postage as at April 2011)

Availabe in bulk for group fundraising

  • 10 – 49 copies = 90p each (60% of cover price).
  • 50 or more = 75p (50% cover price) + delivery.
  • Contact us to check availability and delivery cost.

We will be at the Rally for Farmed Animal in London on Saturday 2nd October and can supply bulk orders free of delivery cost, with advance notice.

Or arrange collection at one of our many other events – see the diary of Veggies Events

Breakfast Scoffer, and more…

Also available, (sorry no bulk discount):

  • Breakfast ScofferThe Breakfast Scoffer – £1.50

    Breakfast need never again be dull for vegans. There’s everything in here from Banana Maple Pancakes and Scrambled Tofu, to smoothies, and Chocolate Fudge Cake (for breakfast?). Just try it!

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    50+copies & comments:
  • The Cake Scoffer – £1.25

    One of Britain’s most experienced vegan caterers and cake engineers. If you enjoy eating vegan cakes, but are never quite sure how to make them, you’ll love this 20 page laminated and illustrated booklet packed with exciting egg and dairy free cake, dessert and sweet recipes. Includes ultimate cheesecake, three types of chocolate cake, lemon explosion cake, DIY sweets, two types of gingerbread, microwave sponge pudding and more.

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    Group bulk enquiries:
  • salad scofferThe Salad Scoffer: Picnic And Party Food Recipes – £1.25

    Ronny explains how to prepare awesome mouth-watering kitchen creations, such as: Nottage Cheese, Geek Salad, Eggless Mushroom & Aubergine Quiche, Guacamole, Carrot & Celeriac Salad, Pasta Salad, Mock Duck Salad, and much more. The essential antidote to packaged foods for vegans, trainee vegans, relatives of vegans, kitchen scientists, students, frustrated bingers and snack addicts, people with allergies, and curious cooks wanting to know how vegans “do it” without eggs and cow extracts. If you don’t fit into one of the above categories, then just buy this book anyway for the novelty value and cute pictures.

    Wholesale from Active Distribution.
    Group bulk enquiries:
  • Special offer: All 4 titles £6.00 inc p&p!

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Send cheque to ‘Veggies’, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX

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Here’s a sample recipe from the Scoffer Kitchen:

French Apple Pie

  • 1 part margarine (I use Vitalite)
  • 2 parts flour (I use white flour, but half and half white and brown would work.
  • 1.5 cups flour (approx 12 floz)
  • 0.75 cups marg (approx 6 floz)
  • 6 small-medium apples
  • Soft brown demerera sugar
  • cinnamon
  • salt


  • Slice the apples as thinly (discarding cores) as you reasonably can with a knife (don’t bother peeling or showing off with a razor blade or owt) and place in a colander, layer by layer.
  • As you put each layer of apples in, sprinkle the sugar over until it coats the rings of apples evenly. Leave to sit while you make the pastry.
  • Rub the fat into the flour and a pinch of salt with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs. You’ll know you’re rubbing rightly if your palms remain clean (all those incidents with a plastic ruler on the back of my knees in Domestic Science lessons taught me summat).
  • Add cold water, little by little, to the mix and clump together with your hands or with a spoon until you have a ball o’dough. Don’t over-mix.
  • Either roll out or flatten with your palms onto a greased baking tray. Then arrange the apple slices on top about two layers thick. Press down against the dough firmly as you lay them.
  • Dredge the top with cinnamon, sprinkle with a little more sugar if you have a sweet tooth and then bake in a medium cool (gas mark 4-5 / 180C) oven for 30 mins.
  • Allow to cool before eating or it’ll take the roof of yer mouth off. Best served the following day.

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