We are happy to be challenged to cater for those with allergies or other special dietary needs. We use no animal products, no eggs, milk, cream, dairy cheese and (obviously) no meat products, so dairy & shellfish allergies aren’t an issue.

Whilst Veggies foods are suitable for all cultural and ethical dietary choices, we are working on more wheat free/gluten free options. We hope to develop a gluten free burger and cake.

Common food allergens

  • The following allergens are NEVER used in Veggies Kitchen:
    • Eggs
    • Dairy Products / Calves’ Milk
    • Fish / Crustaceans / Molluscs / Shellfish


  • The following allergens are MAY BE used in Veggies Kitchen:
    • Gluten (cereals, including wheat, rye, barley and oats)
    • Peanuts (serious allergen, we aim to phase them out)
    • Sesame seeds, celery, lupin, mustard
    • Soya – included in Veggies burger and sosage mixes
    • Tree nuts


    Here we will register the preferences of some of our regular diners!


    I understand you are providing the catering for the animal rights gathering. I’m a raw vegan travelling to the gathering – will you be able to cater to me or should I bring my own food?

    (No problem Amanda!)


    I’m allergic to nuts (tho can manage a trace)


    No nuts


    No wheat, oats, chilli, walnuts


    No potato, tomato, peppers, aubergine


    No apple etc., walnut, carrot, hazelnut

    John Sat

    Hi campers,

    I would like you to know that I can’t deal with certain foods.

    Here’s the list!:

    > Quorn,
    > TVP
    > Cheatin meats
    > Wheat
    > Peppers all types,including but not limited to;
    > Green,red and yellow peppers (fruit), Chillis, cayenne pepper, harrisa, pepper corns, paprika, seasoning pepper black and white, pimento
    > allspice
    > Peanuts,
    > brazil nuts
    > glace cherries,
    > yogurt any type including soya
    > soya sauce, shoyu, tamari
    > Braggs aminos
    > Engevita
    > Miso
    > aubergine
    > tomato and tomato paste
    > mushrooms
    > sugar
    > seitan fancy calling a food that!
    > orange/mandarin, clementines,
    > pineapple
    > banana
    > chickpeas and therefore humous

    Thanks for calling re what I can eat.
    I eat:
    Rice – nuts besides the ones mentioned (e.g. cashew nuts) ok – tahini yes though toasted is not good for me. – lemon juice yes – pulses besides the ones mentioned (e.g. butter beans) yes – carrots yes – courgettes yes – onions if not raw – leafy greens yes love them apart from spinach if raw – olive oil yes – coconut yes – salt yes – potatoes – I can eat them though reduce my ability to process things properly.

    I also eat: broccoli, garlic, turnip, parsnip, beetroot, ginger, swede, hemp, flax, coriander, cucumber, rocket, pumpkin, sweetpotato, carob, xylitol, stevia, barley, watercress etc.


    Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    I can NOT eat (complex carbohydrates, disacchardies, and polysaccharides):

    • grain (wheat, spelt, rice, oats, corn etc)
    • alternative “grain” (quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth etc)
    • flour and thickeners (corn flour, arrowroot, guar gum etc)

    • starchy or fibrous vegetables:
    o broad beans
    o celery
    o dried beans and lentils
    o fennel
    o parsnip
    o potato
    o sweet potato
    o swede

    • sugar (sucrose), dextrose, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup
    • milk, cream, yogurt
    • processed meat (burgers, sausages, bacon)
    • non-matured cheeses (mozzarella, soft cheese, processed cheese)

    For contact details (and list of what I CAN eat) see email


    Anja: gluten free
    Ivy: gluten free
    Peter: gluten free
    Pietro: no red/green pepper
    Laurence: no garlic, onion, wheat, corn
    Brirgit Siefried: organic / vegan raw preferred