Local / Wholesome / Organic

Veggies Catering Campaign aims to balance a preference for fresh, locally produced foods, supporting local suppliers and reducing ‘food miles’, with encouraging the demand for organic foods. We do not therefore claim to use only organic ingredients and our entire operation is not certified as organic, due to the disproportionate fees for registering a small volunteer-led grass-roots business such as ours for Soil Association Certification. However we aspire to the principles of the Wholesome Food Association.

gm logoWe campaign directly against the genetic modification of foods and the globalisation of supply. We avoid the use of palm oil in both foods and fuel, although Suma margerine( and cake icing) contains sustainably sourced palm oil.

Veggies Burgers and Sosages are made from our own fully organic mixes, using organic soya TVP from France. Although sourced as locally as possible are reducing the use of soya, in favour of hemp flour, which is highly nutritious, and can be grown in the UK without artificial farm additives. Our mixes contain no added oil or fats.

Greens Millcarrot gifWe bake our own cakes in-house using, when available, organic flours locally stoneground, 2 miles away at Green’s Mill in Sneinton. Other organic and/or gluten free flours come (via Lembas) from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire or Dove’s Farm in Berkshire.

Our bread and other baked goods, are baked by Bake Off and Pie, a local and independent bakery. Although not fully organic, the products are certainly locally produced as they are just 3 minutes by bike from our door!

  Lembas logOther wholefoods are supplied by Lembas, the Sheffield-based wholefood wholesaler for the region. Their entire range is gm-free and vegetarian, and they encourage the use of organic produce where available. Lembas also distribute Veggies Burgers, sosages and mixes, hand-made from organic ingredients in Veggies all-vegan kitchen!

Vegetables are supplied by L&M Stores, based in the heart of our local community. Although not organic, they couldn’t be fresher or more locally sourced. Subject to availability, chemical-free produce can be obtained from Ecoworks community market garden in Nottingham, Eden Farms at Spilsby, Lincs or Red Earth Organics at Southwell, Notts. Other suppliers of locally and/or organically grown foods can be found from throughout the UK from the Big Barn website or foodcoops.org.

Sumac GardenAn increasing amount of produce, including herbs and some salad, comes from our own vegan organic urban community garden at the Sumac Centre, supporting the ideals of the Movement for Compassionate Living, to promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth, with guidance from the Vegan Organic Network.

If you (or we) have to go to a supermarket, then we consider the Co-op a better option than, for example A$da/Walmart and other corporate blots on the (green belt) landscape, like Tesco, if for no other reason than that the Co-op has a good policy on labelling products suitable for vegans and a commitment to Fairtrade.

More details of the products that we use can be found on our ‘Ethical & Green Policy pages.

Details of the ingredients that we don’t use are listed on the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation’s Glossary of Animal Substances


This is why we don’t use calves milk

Organic foods are indicated below:

Veggies Burgers and Sausages. Chilli Burgers . Hemp Burgers

Bread and Salad [subject to availability]

Wholefood Ingredients for freshly prepared meals.

Tomato Ketchup . Egg-free Mayo . Wholegrain Mustard

Fair Trade Teas & (some) coffees, (including sugar and soya milk)
Cola, Lemonade, Ginger Beer

Herbs and other fresh produce from our own garden!

soya certification