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Meanwhile you can read about the Peoples’ Kitchen, the weekly community meal at the Sumac Centre, on Veggies/Sumac Diary

For the Cooks!

So you want to cook People’s Kitchen? Here’s what you do…..

1. Put your name on the rota. It’s on the notice board by the front door.

2. Decide what you’re going to cook. Ideally plan a two course menu. Bear in mind you will be cooking for 50 people. If you need ideas for what to cook, there are recipe books in the kitchen and the veggies website has links to people’s kitchen menus from previous weeks.

3. Come up with a shopping list for your menu. Email your shopping list and your menu to the cafe collective at by the Wednesday of the week you’re due to cook.

(Tip: The ‘Anarchist Teapot Guide to Mass Catering’ booklet is in the kitchen and has a list in it of recommended quantities to use when cooking for lots of people. The booklet is also available from the bookstall at Sumac, from, or the pdf version can be downloaded from Veggies, here.)

4. The cafe collective will then call out for volunteers and advertise your menu. We will find someone to do the shopping and we’ll forward contact details for volunteers onto you.

5. Work out when you’ll need to start cooking (aiming to serve at 7.00) and let us know so we can let you into the sumac and show you around. Make sure you tell your volunteers when to arrive too.

See also Kitchen Users Guide

6. Cook!

7. Make sure all the tables are clean and put out candles, a jug of water and cups. Set up a place for people to wash their plates and bowls. These things are in the kitchen.

8. Let the servers know what the portions look like to make sure you have enough food for 50 people. Write your menu on the blackboard on the wall outside the hatch.

9. Serve.

10. Someone from the collective will return to the sumac at 6:30 to help out and cash up the donations.

11. When you have time, email us your menu so we can share it on the website.