This a site plan shows various elements of a typical Veggies Catering pitch.

Remember though that Veggies is very flexible. We have 30 years of experience, setting up in all kinds of locations; indoors or outdoors; with full facilities provided or none.

Veggies Siteplan

A larger pdf version is available here

We can set up in a Trailer:

Veggies Trailer

In a marquee:

Veggies Field Kitchen

In our Colman Event Shelter:

Veggies Event Shelter


Veggies Indoors

Veggies table

From the van:

Veggies Clowns

On the Streets:

Veggies on the streets

Veggies on the streets

On Foot:

Veggies on foot

Or now as a cafe space in our 9m x 6m ‘Wierdigans’ tent:

Veggies on foot

Our best resource:

Veggies crew

Here’s how it can fit together

site plan

Glastonbury Festival Site plan

Our biggest set-up is at Glastonbury Festival

Here is a typical layout there:

site plan