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Activist Support, Animal Rescue, Animal Rights, Benefits, Birds, Children/Parenting, Circuses and Zoos, Climate Change, Community Projects, Companion Animals, Conservation, Culture, Development, Direct Action, Disability Rights/Action, Drugs/Pharmaceuticals, Education, Energy, Environment, Equines, Farmed Animals, Fascism, Feminism, Food Issues, Fur Trade, Genetic Modfication, Globalisation, Growing, Health Concerns, Housing/Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunting, Indigenous Peoples, Internet/IT, Legal, Marine, Mental Health, Migration/Refugees, Militarism, Mutual Aid, Prisoner Support, Protest Sites, Racism, Recycling, Sexuality, Social Struggles, Trade, Transport, Travellers, Vegan Campaigns, Vegetarian Campaigns, Vivisection, Wildlife, World Issues,
Animal Aid, Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, Hunt Sabs, Lush Charity Pot, M.A.R.C, N.A.R.C., No Borders, Radical Routes, Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, Viva!,
Type of Group/Contact
Club, Co-operative/Social Enterprise, Directory, Group/contact Network, International, Local, National, Publication, Regional, Social Centre, Web Based,
Trading Categories
Accommodation, Animal Care, Bookshop/distribution, Cafes/Restaurants, Campaign Goods, Clothing, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Event Catering, Financial Services, Food Producer, Food Retail, Health, Holidays & Travel, Household, Internet/Telecoms, Legal Services, Online Shop, Photography, PR and Media, Print & Publication, Services, Transport, Wholesale,
Vegan Business Connection
All Vegan, Mostly Vegan Services, Some Vegan Services, Vegan Proprietor, Vegetarian Proprietor,

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Veggies Networking Directory Visit Website | More Info
transparent transparent Networking for Humans, Animals and the Environment

Added 2010/03/10 | Updated 2016/03/09 Viewed 34592 times | Visited 50 times
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Vegan Business Connection (VBC) Visit Website | More Info
transparent transparent Mutual support for the proprietors of businesses using no animal products whatsoever.

Added 2009/11/20 | Updated 2016/03/09 Viewed 24986 times | Visited 27 times
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