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Veggies Networking Directory

  Networking for Humans, Animals and the Environment  

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For over 30 years Veggies Catering Campaign have worked to foster links between the many groups and individuals that share our concerns relating to humans, animals and the environment. Over that time some 7000 such contacts were been gathered together in Veggies Directory (aka the 'Animal Contacts Directory' and 'Vegan Business Connection').

Many groups and networks have a presence on the web and other directories exist, but Veggies Directory is designed to maximise the mutual support that makes us all the more effective. We believe that there is strength through diversity.

By linking the issues on which we are active we will make it easier for groups to find like-minded people with whom they can build solidarity and enable enquirers to stumble across groups that they did not even know they were looking for.

When the work is complete there may again be up to 7000 entries in the directory (including over 300 vegan businesses), which we aim to use to encourage mutual support and co-operation across the movements with whom we work.

You are welcome to [Add-an-Entry] for your group, campaign or vegan-friendly business.

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