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Blackpool Animal Aid

  Blackpool Animal Aid is a local grassroots animal rights group.  

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Blackpool Animal Aid is a local grassroots animal rights group working locally, regionally and nationally to reduce animal abuse and promote veganism, set up in late 2009/early 2010 after the demise of Blackpool Animal Rights Coalition.

In Blackpool the group has or will campaign against Blackpool Zoo, Blackpool Sealife Center, circuses that come to the Fylde, McDonalds & KFC, and doing stalls promoting veganism and other animal rights issues.

Regionally the group teams up with Preston Animal Rights Group and Manchester Animal Action amongst other animal rights groups to help them with their campaigns such as Universities testing on animals, fur shops and greyhound racing.

Nationally the group attends national demos and marches when possible. We attend the national animal rights gatherings.

If anyone is interested in helping out, email blackpoolanimalaid@googlemail.com and you will be updated with local demos and campaigns.

The group is still small so the meetings are not often and usually about specific things such as whenever we do a vegan fare, but if enough people show interest we will have monthly meetings.

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Blackpool, Lancashire, (North West England)
Added : 2010/03/13
Updated 2013/02/13
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