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Nottingham Animal Rights

  Co-ordinates campaigns, info, stalls and meetings. Regular trips to demos and Veggies events.  

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Nottingham Animal Rights works to co-ordinate the activities of many of the groups and individuals campaigning for animal rights and welfare in Nottingham.

We have monthly meetings to network activities, to provide a social gathering and to discuss current campaigns.

There is no formal membership (to 'join' simply join in), but you are urged to subscribe to the newsgroup to keep up to date with events. We are on Facebook have a myspace group.

Local demos, fundraising and information-based activities are arranged, and trips are organised to demos and other events out of town. On Saturdays, whenever we are not at another event, we aim to hold a street information stall, just down from St Peters Church, opposite Marks and Spencer or near the Council House on the Old Market Square. With your help we could run the stall more often, and inform more people about the use and abuse of animals in our society, and the positive things that they can do to create a more humane world.


The following map shows locations of various places of concern identified for the Animal Rights Spring Gathering hosted in Nottingham in March 2010.


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Nottingham Animal Rights protests the Great British Circus



Shortlink to this page: http://vegs.us/vnd14

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245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 6HX (East Midlands)
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