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Vegan Business Connection (VBC)

  Mutual support for the proprietors of businesses using no animal products whatsoever.  

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The Vegan Business Connection (VBC) encourages mutual support for cruelty-free businesses, i.e. those using no animal ingredients whatsoever and striving to minimise environmental, human and animal rights abuses.

The V.B.C. gives as much importance to the proprietors, as to the goods or services traded. It is to those who run such businesses that we can look for guarantees of their ethical standards, and knowledge of vegan issues.

The Vegan Business Connection forms the Trading Section of Veggies Directory. Information is supplied mainly by the businesses themselves, or through recommendations from other sources.

Whilst this new Veggies Directory is being compiled, some 300 exclusively vegan businesses can be found in the old VBC directory. If you are one of them, or if you work in a way that is sympathetic to the promotion of veganism, or supply specific vegan goods / services, or wish to recommend someone else, please submit details to this website.

You are welcome to [Add-an-Entry] for your group, campaign or vegan-friendly business.

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