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Brighton Veg*an Social Group

  This social group meets monthly for meals and a chat, in the various veggie cafes in Brighton.  

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  Vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters are welcome to join us, or to get in touch for advice or support. Those who are interested in the vegan way of life will be given advice and support, including booklets/magazines from Animal Aid, Viva and the Vegan Society. We are a friendly group and generally meet on Wednesday or Friday evenings in cafes in Brighton. In the warmer months we sometimes join other groups for picnics in the parks, and perhaps meet for breakfast or lunch in addition to the evening meals. Some of our members do stalls to educate the public about Veganism and help is always appreciated. Communication is generally via email and there is no membership fee.  
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Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, (South East England)
Added : 2010/03/16
Updated 2010/03/17
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