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Lush Charity Pot

  Lush's Charity Pot raises money & awareness about charities and campaigns for a better, fairer world  

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We like to look after those who look after others and are committed to supporting small, grassroots charities, non-violent direct action groups and other good causes working in the following areas

Environment / conservation - Animal protection - Human rights

Although these are our main areas of focus, any group, irrespective of their geographical location, field of expertise or how the organisation is registered, will be considered providing they

  • Are not involved in any way with animal testing or any other practices harmful to animals;
  • Are committed to non-violent action if a direct action group;
  • Are environmentally responsible;
  • Are respectful of human rights.


Contact the Charity Pot team at Lush to nominate an organisation you feel passionately about.

Have a quick look at our guidelines first, via the website, to make sure that the group fits with our values and requirements.

Lush/ Veggies Campaigns 'outreach'Veggies are grateful for the support of Lush Charity Pot in funding the relaunch of Veggies' Networking  Directory

... and all the other cool groups in our touring campaign networking exhibition.

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