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Meat Abolition UK

  A forum for debate on meat abolition, and related actions in the UK.  

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  CALL FOR JOINING THE MEAT ABOLITION MOVEMENT • Because meat production involves killing the animals that are eaten • Because their living conditions and slaughter cause many of them to suffer • Because eating meat isn’t necessary • Because sentient beings shouldn’t be mistreated or killed unnecessarily Therefore, farming, fishing and hunting animals for their flesh, as well as selling and eating animal flesh, should be abolished. Vegetarianism and veganism are often seen as personal life choices; we want to open a public debate over the issue of the legitimacy of meat consumption so that the abolition of meatb ecomes a political demand. The idea for this movement originates from the 18th and 19th century movement to abolish human slavery. Take part in the movement now! To share or join initiatives, discuss about ideas and strategies, initiate debates and/or events in UK, subscribe to the mailing list: meat-abolition-uk@googlegroups.com Subscribe to the international mailing list: meatabolition@yahoogroups.com Two websites that deal with the abolition of meat: http://meatabolition.blogspot.com/ http://en.m-eat.org/wiki/  
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