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Aid 4 Animals

  UK online directory of animal welfare and care charities and organisations plus much more  

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www.Aid4Animals.co.uk is a new directory of anything and everything regarding domestic and exotic pets, wild animals and animal welfare and care in the UK.

Aid 4 Animals is a not-for-profit organisation. We dont charge other not-for-profit organisations and charities a fee to be included in our directory. All for-profit companies (vets etc) are charged a small fee of £12.00 per year to be included in the directory. After covering the running cost of the site, all remaining funds from advertising sales are donated to animal charities and welfare organisations in our quarterly draw.

We have a simple and easy search facility which enables the searcher to locate their nearest animal welfare organisations first.

Aid 4 Animals hopes to bring animal welfare organisations closer together for the benefit of the animals they protect and care for. And to make it easier for members of the public to gain help and information locally and hopefully to consider re-homing a rescued animal.

Listings in our directory cover the following categories: Animal Charities, Rescue & Re-Homing, Sponsorship & Adoption, Conservation & Study, Lost & Missing Pets, Vets & Medical Services, Animal Supplies, Food, Medical & Health Products, Housing & Equipment, Online Shopping, Pet Services, Walking & Exercise, Behaviour & Training, Grooming, Portraits & Photography, Boarding, Pet Sitting, Fostering Services, Education, Forums & Advice, Clubs & Associations, Bereavement Support, Memorials, Pet Cemeteries & Crematoriums, Pet Insurance and Magazines & Literature

Our Urgent Appeals page highlights any serious issue we have been asked to help with, this may be regarding a particular animal or appeals for volunteers, blankets, food etc. We try and help where we can by giving away free advertising to anyone who offers to help with an appeal - becomming an Aid 4 Animals Angel.

We also have an Events Diary to promote fundraising events or open days charities and animal welfare organisations are holding.

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