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To Happy Vegans

  A complete guide to vegan living and online vegan cake shop.  

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We are two happy vegans who want to share all the vegan knowledge we have gathered with YOU!

Our website has information on everything from food to fashion and we hope it proves just how easy and enriching it can be to be vegan.

We have recently opened our online shop selling vegan cupcakes and muffins. All our cakes are only ever flavoured and coloured with natural ingredients and we use organic and fair trade whenever possible. We also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our packaging.

You can find us at most of the vegan festivals in the UK selling our cakes and enjoying having a good old chat with all the new people we meet.

We support a charity at every festival we do and have held additional bake sales to raise money.

We also organise London's original vegan cake event the THV Cake Festival every quarter where fellow vegans can meet up and eat cake.

You can keep track of what we're up to by reading our blogs or signing up to our news letter.

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Added : 2010/05/01
Updated 2011/03/26
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