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  International campaigns against animal experiments and for the advancement of animal rights.  

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Uncaged is one of the UK's leading animal protection organisations. Our campaigns against animal experimentation involve lobbying the UK Government and the European Union for action towards the elimination of animal  experiments.

We achieved a historic legal victory allowing us to publish unique confidential documents describing animal experiments: www.xenodiaries.org .

Boycott P&GWe organise the Global Boycott of Procter & Gamble, the US-based multinational consumer goods giant that continues to conduct toxicity tests on animals. We are particularly focussing on their Herbal essences range which contains chemicals that P&G have tested on animals.

We founded International Animal Rights Day, an annual event on December 10th. We empower the public to convey their opinion to political representatives through our Protecting Animals in Democracy project. Campaigns Director is award-winning political scientists and activist Dr Dan Lyons.

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