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Screaming Carrot

  Vegan bakery specialising in egg-free, dairy-free, fresh-baked goods hand made in our vegan kitchen.  

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Our aim is to provide tasty, ethical foods at fair prices.

carrotWe make and sell our vegan pasties, pies and cakes from our bakery in the Forest Fields area of Nottingham.

Our baked goods range from "Thai red pepper and bean" pasties to moist vegan carrot cakes and sugary eccles. We also sell vegetarian groceries and act as a pick-up point for a local organic seasonal vegetable box scheme.

Screaming Carrot baked goods are suitable for:

  • vegetarians and vegans
  • those with dairy and egg allergies/intolerances
  • followers of religious diets that restrict animal products


We carefully source our ingredients to ensure they do not contain animal by-products. Ingredients are also GMO-free.

Our kitchen is completely vegan - it is wholly meat, dairy and egg-free, so there is no risk of contamination by utensils and cooking pots.

Many wholefood shops and cafés in Nottingham and the surrounding areas also sell cakes and pies from our bakery. We welcome enquiries from caterers and other trade purchasers.

Veggies Catering Campaign takes Screaming Carrot products to events all over the UK and are happy to bring special orders to you.



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42 Foxhall Road, Forest Fields, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 6LJ (East Midlands)
Added : 2009/11/25
Updated 2015/05/20
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