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Ethical Voice for Animals

  Ethical Voice for Animals is a Scottish animal rights group based in Edinburgh.  

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  Ethical Voice for Animals is an animal rights group based in Edinburgh - set up in 2007. You can find out more about our anti-fur, anti-vivisection and vegan campaigns at www.bunnyhuggers.org.uk/campaigns.php Our activities over the years have included stalls, protests, school talks, demos, vigils, discussion groups, talks and lastly but not the least - the compassionate living fayre in Edinburgh. See what we are upto just now at www.bunnyhuggers.org.uk/events.php But these are just different outcomes - most importantly, we believe our work is to bring people together and provide common ground across Scotland to campaign for animal rights.  
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Edinburgh, Midlothian, (Scotland)
Added : 2010/02/03
Updated 2010/09/20
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