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Sumac Centre Visit Website | More Info
Resources and a meeting place for local groups and individuals campaigning for human and animal rights, the environment, peace and co-operation.

Added 2009/11/18 | Updated 2012/04/12
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Abundance Visit Website | More Info
We are a group of volunteers who collect fruit from trees and redistribute on a non-profit basis

Added 2009/11/26 | Updated 2010/03/19
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Brighton Veg*an Social Group More Info
This social group meets monthly for meals and a chat, in the various veggie cafes in Brighton.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/03/17
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Camp for Climate Action Visit Website | More Info
Participating in low-impact, sustainable living and organise direct action.

Added 2010/06/20 | Updated 2011/03/12
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Cat Cuddles Rescue Centre Greenwich Visit Website | More Info
Non profit cat sanctuary that aims to re home stray cats and kittens across Greenwich and the South East

Added 2012/02/02
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Coventry Peace House Visit Website | More Info
Coventry Peace House is a housing co-op and a Peace and Environmental Centre.

Added 2010/02/08 | Updated 2010/04/02
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Drimlabarra Herb Farm Visit Website | More Info
Vegan sanctuary & retreat, researching planetary health via herbal treatments, diet & green living.

Added 2010/01/09 | Updated 2011/02/22
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Ekah foundation Visit Website | More Info
The Ekah Foundation is the online shop for Sri Ramana Devi, Ramana Devi is a humanitarian and educationalist and shares Hindu Philosopy. The Ekah Foundation shares a wide range of cruelty free products that are fair trade and ethical. All the products are sourced and manufactured with natural ingredients and are shared with the theme of Ahimsa which means Non Violence and based within Hindu Philosophy. it caters for both spiritual and cruelty free recipients.

Added 2017/08/09
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Equinox Visit Website | More Info
An educational venture for mobile video involving ALL individuals whose goal is to end animal abuse.

Added 2010/02/16 | Updated 2011/02/24
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Ethics and Health Foundation Visit Website | More Info
EHF publish a vegan newsletter. We also run the LABL Fair events in Liverpool. See labl.org.uk for details.

Added 2013/02/13 | Updated 2014/12/30
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EVOLVE! Campaigns Visit Website | More Info
Campaigning organisation educating about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Added 2010/03/08
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Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue Visit Website | More Info
Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is dedicated to caring for all animals farmed, domestic and wild.

Added 2010/11/01
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Green Bean Design Services Visit Website | More Info
Green Bean provides web and graphic design services to grassroots projects

Added 2010/05/06 | Updated 2011/02/25
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Guerrillas Of Love More Info
Guerrilla Gardening. now based in Glasgow, though this is a diy ethos. Just Do It!

Added 2010/11/25 | Updated 2015/06/06
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Hillside Animal Sanctuary Visit Website | More Info
Helps and campaigns for animals in need, and works to raise public awareness of animal suffering.

Added 2010/01/12 | Updated 2010/09/23
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Leicester Vegan Families Visit Website | More Info
A group for families in and around Leicester, everyone is welcome.

Added 2011/03/30 | Updated 2011/04/11
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Liverpool Social Centre Visit Website | More Info
Liverpool's Radical Community and Activist Social Centre.

Added 2010/03/15 | Updated 2010/04/02
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Manchester Animal Action Visit Website | More Info
We campaign locally against all forms of animal abuse.

Added 2011/04/05 | Updated 2013/05/20
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My Own Tutor Leicester CITY Visit Website | More Info
Affordable tutoring in Maths & English and other subjects.

Added 2017/07/17
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Next To Nowhere Visit Website | More Info
Liverpool's Radical Community and Activist Social Centre.

Added 2010/03/26 | Updated 2010/04/02
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North East Derbyshire & North Notts Animal Rights Visit Website | More Info
A brand new Animal Rights group for the Chesterfield and Mansfield areas. Please like and share our Facebook page.

Added 2015/01/01 | Updated 2015/01/29
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North East Vegan Gathering Visit Website | More Info
An ethical self catering holiday at Easter each year, with all vegan food for the week.

Added 2010/03/18
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Northampton Animal Protection More Info
Friendly animal protection group based in Northampton.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/04/02
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Notts Food Not Bombs Visit Website | More Info
Sharing free vegan meals in Nottingham, making use of food that would otherwise go to waste.

Added 2010/01/22 | Updated 2010/02/26
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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with Graham Jevon Visit Website | More Info
Where nature meets science Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with Europe's leading Lightforce Foods Nutritionist. Coaching accessible worldwide via Skype

Added 2014/10/10 | Updated 2014/10/16
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Riseup Radio Visit Website | More Info
Riseup Radio is a community radio project based in Nottingham, UK.

Added 2011/03/17
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Save Our Hedgehogs Visit Website | More Info
Hedgehog rescue centre, aiming to rehabilitate hedgehogs back to health and to release where suitable.

Added 2010/06/23 | Updated 2014/12/02
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Sea Shepherd UK Visit Website | More Info
International Charity directly protecting Marine Wildlife with Vegan ships.

Added 2011/04/10
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Thames Valley Vegans and Vegetarians Visit Website | More Info
A social & active group based around Reading. No membership fee, just ask to join our email list.

Added 2010/02/01 | Updated 2011/03/18
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The Free Shop Visit Website | More Info
The Free Shop is a community project redistributing unwanted clothes and running reuse skillshares.

Added 2011/01/04 | Updated 2011/01/06
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The Peaceful Planet Visit Website | More Info
THE PEACEFUL PLANET MOVEMENT has been set up specifically to help bring about world peace.

Added 2010/08/06 | Updated 2010/09/17
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To Happy Vegans Visit Website | More Info
A complete guide to vegan living and online vegan cake shop.

Added 2010/05/01 | Updated 2011/03/26
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Vegan Runners UK Visit Website | More Info
VRUK is affiliated to England Athletics giving members the benefits of a registered club whilst publicising the vegan cause.

Added 2009/11/22 | Updated 2012/06/10
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Vegan Society Visit Website | More Info
An educational charity and membership organisation that promotes and supports vegan lifestyles.

Added 2009/12/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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Vegans & Vegetarians against Vaccination More Info
V V V - Vaccination Truth!

Added 2012/08/02 | Updated 2012/08/14
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Vegatopia Visit Website | More Info
Promoting ethical veganism through academic research and teaching.

Added 2010/09/13 | Updated 2011/02/17
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Vegetarian Cycling and Athletics Club Visit Website | More Info
The Vegetarian Cycling & Athletics Club is the premier club for vegetarian and vegan sportspeople.

Added 2010/06/26 | Updated 2010/08/16
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Vegetarian Society UK Visit Website | More Info
An educational charity promoting understanding and respect for vegetarian lifestyles.

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2010/02/23
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Veggiepower Visit Website | More Info
Convert your diesel engine to run on waste vegetable oil, suitable for vehicle boat or power supply.

Added 2010/02/08 | Updated 2014/01/28
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VegVine.com Visit Website | More Info
VegVine is a multinational network of activists working towards universal compassion for animals!

Added 2010/09/16 | Updated 2010/09/17
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Waterford Animal Concern More Info
Local animal rights group based in Waterford city, Ireland.Established in 1997. Its main aim and objective is to assist in any practical way any action carried out to establish, maintain and defend the rights and welfare of any living creature.

Added 2013/07/11
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Wolverhampton Vegans and Veggies Visit Website | More Info
A vegan/vegetarian outreach group focuses on promoting a cruelty free lifestyle.

Added 2014/03/26
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Woodland Project Visit Website | More Info
Converting 29-acres back to natural woodland.

Added 2009/11/21 | Updated 2010/02/21
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