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100% Vegan Minerals Make up Visit Website | More Info
BCM Vega Cosmetics is an up and coming minerals make up brand that is perfect for all life styles and ethnicities, great if you have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies.

Added 2013/09/05
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Animal Free Cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
Cosmetics and toiletries which have never been tested on animals, ingredients which have never been tested on animals, and no animal byproducts or animal ingredients.

Added 2012/10/31
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Arbonne by J Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne is certified Vegan for 37 years - never tested on animals - now that is a big deal!

Added 2017/04/02 | Updated 2017/04/20
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Arbonne by Sacha Visit Website | More Info
Pure, safe beneficial skincare, cosmetic and nutrition products. Vegan Certified as well as Gluten Free and Kosher with NO AMINAL TESTING EVER!! This has been our philosophy for over 30 years.

Added 2017/04/14 | Updated 2017/04/20
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Arbonne Vegan Make-up, Nutrition & Personal Care Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne offers a high-quality range of vegan cosmetics, nutrition and personal care products.

Added 2014/01/14 | Updated 2014/01/17
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Beauty Without Cruelty Shop Visit Website | More Info
The official shop for Beauty Without Cruelty offering the full 100% cruelty free vegan range.

Added 2012/03/06
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Brackencraft Visit Website | More Info
Natural hand made cosmetics and toiletries, eco-soya candles and room sprays. All products are Vegan

Added 2009/12/04 | Updated 2010/02/21
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Cruelty-free mineral makeup Visit Website | More Info
The one stop mineral makeup shop for the pure of heart and the pure of face. At Mineralissima we can offer you an incredible range of natural, beautiful and flawless mineral cosmetics and accessories, all made from Mother Natures best set of ingredients.

Added 2015/10/30
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Frijjid Store Visit Website | More Info
We are committed animal right supporters and veggies, selling clothing, bags, gifts and currently sourcing our own toiletries.

Added 2012/01/18
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Ganoderma Shop Visit Website | More Info
We are one of the leading Coffee Shop located here in Swindon City of Wiltshire County. We also sells Ganoderma Supplements, Medicinal Mushroom Products and other beauty products Online.

Added 2015/11/17
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Honest to Goodness Visit Website | More Info
Honest to Goodness is an vegan ethical grocery store based in Hoylake on the Wirral.

Added 2010/05/25 | Updated 2011/01/18
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Honesty Cosmetics Ltd. Visit Website | More Info
Founded in 1984 Honesty has been manufacturing cruelty free skin and hair products for over 25 years

Added 2009/11/24 | Updated 2011/01/18
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I Choose What I Use Visit Website | More Info
Online store offering vegan, natural and cruelty free skin care, hair care and beauty products from a range of companies. We also have a passion for organic and fairtrade.

Added 2013/04/10 | Updated 2015/05/07
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I Love Inky Visit Website | More Info
Afro Eco Beauty. Natural vegan hair and skin care, Sulphate, Paraben and cruelty free!

Added 2010/06/19
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J H Health - Tropic Pure Plant Beauty Visit Website | More Info
Vegan approved Organic, Natural Skin and Body Care Products.

Added 2013/06/10 | Updated 2013/11/26
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Majik Blankit Skin Care Visit Website | More Info
Hand made products with Natural & Organic ingredients 100% Cruelty free & VEGAN

Added 2010/04/05 | Updated 2010/04/06
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MuLondon - Natural Organic Skin Care Visit Website | More Info
Award-winning skincare range lovingly made in London from certified organic herbs, essential oils and vegetable butters.

Added 2010/04/02 | Updated 2016/05/15
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Nature's Boutique Visit Website | More Info
An online vegan store for all your beauty, cosmetics, toiletries and vegan accessory needs

Added 2010/05/24 | Updated 2011/01/31
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Olivia Fox Hairdressing Visit Website | More Info
Award winning vegan hairdresser using organic vegan products.

Added 2017/09/05
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Planetwise Vegan Shop & Yoga Studio Visit Website | More Info
A vegan shop in the costal town of Bridlington, supplying vegan only food and gifts. Also available online.

Added 2016/08/18 | Updated 2016/12/23
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Pretty Veggies More Info
Non-profit campaign for cosmetics and toiletries that are free of animal ingredients and testing

Added 2010/09/01 | Updated 2013/10/29
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Pure Halal Beauty Visit Website | More Info
Pure Halal Beauty brings you the best pure cosmetics and beauty products from around the world

Added 2010/12/13
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Real Foods Visit Website | More Info
Real Foods have 2 shops in Edinburgh and a webshop at www.realfoods.co.uk. We sell a huge array of vegan, Fairtrade and organic foods, along with free-from foods.

Added 2015/03/18 | Updated 2015/04/23
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Ringana - Fresh & Natural Cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
fresh cosmetics and natural cosmetics, natural food supplements with Fresh CAPS and Fresh PACKS

Added 2016/04/19 | Updated 2016/04/20
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SoliviaSoaps Natural Handmade Vegan Visit Website | More Info
Our passion is pure, natural Soap, handmade with the finest plant ingredients.

Added 2012/11/06
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The Kind Food Company Visit Website | More Info
Online vegan shop & health food store also selling macrobiotic food, healthy recipes & meal plans.

Added 2014/04/11 | Updated 2014/06/12
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The Natural Products Company Visit Website | More Info
An on-line eco-friendly, ethical store sourcing a range of natural and organic products.

Added 2012/08/29
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Vegan London Links Visit Website | More Info
A directory of vegan, vegetarian and animal rights sites in London and beyond.

Added 2010/09/02 | Updated 2010/09/03
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Vegan skincare & cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
Vegan certified skincare, haircare, cosmetics and detox spa products.

Added 2010/03/08 | Updated 2010/09/17
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Vegan Society Visit Website | More Info
An educational charity and membership organisation that promotes and supports vegan lifestyles.

Added 2009/12/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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Vegonia Wholefoods, Nantwich Visit Website | More Info
Vegan health food shops in Porthmadog, Gwynedd and Nantwich, Cheshire. www.vegonia.co.uk

Added 2010/11/03 | Updated 2011/04/05
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Vegonia Wholefoods, Porthmadog Visit Website | More Info
Vegan health food shops in Porthmadog, Gwynedd and Nantwich, Cheshire. www.vegonia.co.uk

Added 2010/01/04 | Updated 2011/04/05
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Wikaniko Visit Website | More Info
Eco friendly products for the home and garden

Added 2010/11/09 | Updated 2010/11/11
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