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AbsolutelySuperFoods Visit Website | More Info
Pick and mix Superfoods for the health conscious.

Added 2016/03/07
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Animal Free Cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
Cosmetics and toiletries which have never been tested on animals, ingredients which have never been tested on animals, and no animal byproducts or animal ingredients.

Added 2012/10/31
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Arbonne by J Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne is certified Vegan for 37 years - never tested on animals - now that is a big deal!

Added 2017/04/02 | Updated 2017/04/20
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Arbonne Vegan Make-up, Nutrition & Personal Care Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne offers a high-quality range of vegan cosmetics, nutrition and personal care products.

Added 2014/01/14 | Updated 2014/01/17
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Cranleigh House Wellness Centre Visit Website | More Info
Courses/Classes: Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Naturopathy/Homeopathy, veggie/vegan /raw B&B/Retreat

Added 2016/11/06 | Updated 2016/12/23
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ERSA Health Supplements Visit Website | More Info
Organic and Traditional Supplements manufactured in Germany and packed and distributed in the U.K.

Added 2014/03/27 | Updated 2014/05/17
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Fitness Drum Visit Website | More Info
A fitness blog with useful resources for vegetarians and vegans. The blog is designed to offer advice and help for specific fitness requirements and makes an effort to demonstrate how anyone can get fit and healthy regardless of diet or lifestyle choices.

Added 2015/08/18
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Ganoderma Shop Visit Website | More Info
We are one of the leading Coffee Shop located here in Swindon City of Wiltshire County. We also sells Ganoderma Supplements, Medicinal Mushroom Products and other beauty products Online.

Added 2015/11/17
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Gentle & Therapeutic Yoga Classes Visit Website | More Info
Yoga classes which are suitable for those seeking a gentle practice or for those with health issues.

Added 2012/08/12 | Updated 2012/09/13
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Lara's Osteopathy Clinic Visit Website | More Info
Lara's Clinic provides Osteopathic care to patients of all ages and specialises in babies, children, pre and post natal mums.

Added 2012/03/27
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LBH Superfoods Visit Website | More Info
The UK's #1 Organic Superfood Shop, selling organic acai berries, maca powder, wheatgrass, spirulina powder and more.

Added 2016/07/12 | Updated 2016/12/23
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Lisa Barnes Health & Wellness Coach Visit Website | More Info
Lisa Barnes is a health and wellness coach from Bath in the UK.

Added 2016/09/02 | Updated 2016/12/23
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London Osteopathy and Pilates Visit Website | More Info
Osteopathy, pilates and acupuncture

Added 2010/11/06 | Updated 2010/11/11
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Massage Therapy With Massaggi London Visit Website | More Info
All your massage treatments expert vegan massage therapist.

Added 2014/09/22
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Mineral Analysis Visit Website | More Info
Consuming a restrictive diet can lead to nutrient deficiencies if you do not consume a balanced diet. Check for mineral imbalances with hair mineral analysis.

Added 2016/10/11 | Updated 2016/12/23
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MuLondon - Natural Organic Skin Care Visit Website | More Info
Award-winning skincare range lovingly made in London from certified organic herbs, essential oils and vegetable butters.

Added 2010/04/02 | Updated 2016/05/15
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Nature's Boutique Visit Website | More Info
An online vegan store for all your beauty, cosmetics, toiletries and vegan accessory needs

Added 2010/05/24 | Updated 2011/01/31
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nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 Visit Website | More Info
nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 is rich in natural EPA & DHA. Suitable for the whole family, including expectant and breastfeeding mothers; infants, young children and the elderly. It's literally Clean, Green & Good for you!

Added 2017/06/20
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NUIQUE Vegan Vegetarian non-fish marine algae oil Visit Website | More Info
High strength EPA and DHA vegan omega 3 delivering a whopping 100 EPA and 400mg DHA per 2 capsule daily dose.

Added 2012/05/24 | Updated 2012/09/13
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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with Graham Jevon Visit Website | More Info
Where nature meets science Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with Europe's leading Lightforce Foods Nutritionist. Coaching accessible worldwide via Skype

Added 2014/10/10 | Updated 2014/10/16
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Osteopath London Visit Website | More Info
Osteopath based in Waterloo and London Bridge. Osteopathy and paediatric osteopathy can help any one of any age with all sorts of aches and pains. Things that can be helped include back pain, neck pain, headaches and sports injuries. Other things that may be helped include migrane and asthma.

Added 2012/03/14
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Penarth Osteopathic Practice - Cardiff Clinic Visit Website | More Info
An osteopath can help treat injuries and chronic pain conditions like back pain. Osteopaths are used to improve sports performance, treat musculoskeletal injuries, and give advice on preventing injuries.

Added 2017/03/20
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Sunna Mind Body and Spirit Visit Website | More Info
Indian head masseuse

Added 2010/03/18 | Updated 2010/04/03
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Sunny's Fruit Farm Visit Website | More Info
Sunny's Fruit Farm produces superb quality healthy dried fruit snacks & fruit leathers - 100% natural, made from our own fresh fruit.

Added 2014/02/03 | Updated 2014/02/24
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Tasty Web Design Visit Website | More Info
Professional web design and development. Accessible, mobile, SEO-friendly, multilingual, vegan.

Added 2013/12/04
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Thai Yoga Massage - Islington, London Visit Website | More Info
Unique and powerful massage therapy by professionally trained and vegan therapist.

Added 2010/11/16 | Updated 2010/12/05
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The Kind Food Company Visit Website | More Info
Online vegan shop & health food store also selling macrobiotic food, healthy recipes & meal plans.

Added 2014/04/11 | Updated 2014/06/12
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The Natural Health Market Visit Website | More Info
The Natural Health Market is an online health shop dedicated to promoting natural and organic products that can increase health and vitality. We stock a wide range of super foods, vitamins and supplements, herbal tea, natural skincare products, balms, ointments and essential oils.

Added 2016/12/19 | Updated 2016/12/23
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The Natural Products Company Visit Website | More Info
An on-line eco-friendly, ethical store sourcing a range of natural and organic products.

Added 2012/08/29
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Vegan Bed & Breakfast, Matlock, Derbyshire More Info
Vegan Bed & Breakfast on the edge of the Peak District in Matlock in the Derbyshire Dales.

Added 2013/08/13 | Updated 2014/11/12
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Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Visit Website | More Info
Vegan and vegetarian friendly algae omega 3 softgels containing 200mg DHA

Added 2015/05/14
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Vegan skincare & cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
Vegan certified skincare, haircare, cosmetics and detox spa products.

Added 2010/03/08 | Updated 2010/09/17
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Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast Visit Website | More Info
Penrhiw Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast

Added 2010/12/03 | Updated 2010/12/04
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Vegonia Wholefoods, Nantwich Visit Website | More Info
Vegan health food shops in Porthmadog, Gwynedd and Nantwich, Cheshire. www.vegonia.co.uk

Added 2010/11/03 | Updated 2011/04/05
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Wholefood Cooking Workshops Visit Website | More Info
Inspiring health through delicious natural cuisine

Added 2010/06/15 | Updated 2010/06/16
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Wikaniko Visit Website | More Info
Eco friendly products for the home and garden

Added 2010/11/09 | Updated 2010/11/11
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Yoga Limatambo Guesthouse Visit Website | More Info
100% Vegetarian Guesthouse (vegan friendly) in Limatambo near Cusco Peru. Yoga holidays.

Added 2013/12/05
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Yoga With Ginny Visit Website | More Info
Share yoga practise with me in Scout Hall and out in Hall garden with birds and bats as weather permits

Added 2011/04/16 | Updated 2014/01/04
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