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Animal Circus Campaign Info Visit Website | More Info
Tour details of circuses with captive animals, to support polite and peaceful protest.

Added 2010/02/17 | Updated 2011/02/22
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Animal Rights Calendar Visit Website | More Info
The Animal Rights Calendar lists national and local campaign events in the UK.

Added 2010/05/07 | Updated 2016/12/23
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Vegan Business Connection (VBC) Visit Website | More Info
Mutual support for the proprietors of businesses using no animal products whatsoever.

Added 2009/11/20 | Updated 2016/03/09
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Veggies Networking Directory Visit Website | More Info
Networking for Humans, Animals and the Environment

Added 2010/03/10 | Updated 2016/03/09
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Action for the Earth Visit Website | More Info
Action for the Earth - Working to protect the planet - become an earth activist today.

Added 2011/03/01 | Updated 2011/03/04
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ActiVeg Directory Visit Website | More Info
Many links for for vegan and vegetarian information, support and networking.

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2011/02/11
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Activist Security Handbook Visit Website | More Info
Practical security for activists and campaigners, free to download

Added 2010/03/18 | Updated 2010/03/30
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Aid 4 Animals Visit Website | More Info
UK online directory of animal welfare and care charities and organisations plus much more

Added 2010/04/10 | Updated 2012/02/17
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Animal Rights UK Visit Website | More Info
Animal Rights UK is an organisation working to publicise and aid the efforts of the grassroot animal rights movement in the UK.

Added 2011/04/13 | Updated 2012/03/26
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Anna Magombe Creative Thinking - Graphic Design & Illustration Visit Website | More Info
Anna Magombe is a creative thinker and maker based in London, specialising in graphic design and illustration.

Added 2015/04/29
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Arbonne Vegan-Certified Nutrition, Skincare & Personal Care Products Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne deliver high quality personal care products including nutrition, skincare, bath, body, hair, sun care, cosmetics and baby products. NEVER tested on animals and NEVER containing any animal products or by- products, nor any parabens, petrochemicals or other nasties. Just effective, safe ingredients.

Added 2017/11/01
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Beyond Skin Visit Website | More Info
Beautiful Vegan Footwear for discerning ladies

Added 2010/09/16 | Updated 2010/09/20
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Cat Cuddles Rescue Centre Greenwich Visit Website | More Info
Non profit cat sanctuary that aims to re home stray cats and kittens across Greenwich and the South East

Added 2012/02/02
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Dissident Island Radio Visit Website | More Info
An internet-based activist, anarchist radio station based in London, UK.

Added 2010/07/01
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Ethics and Health Foundation Visit Website | More Info
EHF publish a vegan newsletter. We also run the LABL Fair events in Liverpool. See labl.org.uk for details.

Added 2013/02/13 | Updated 2014/12/30
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EVOLVE! Campaigns Visit Website | More Info
Campaigning organisation educating about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Added 2010/03/08
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freeB.E.A.G.L.E.S. Visit Website | More Info
Legal resource centre for UK political campaigners.

Added 2010/03/14 | Updated 2010/03/31
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Green Bean Design Services Visit Website | More Info
Green Bean provides web and graphic design services to grassroots projects

Added 2010/05/06 | Updated 2011/02/25
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I Choose What I Use Visit Website | More Info
Online store offering vegan, natural and cruelty free skin care, hair care and beauty products from a range of companies. We also have a passion for organic and fairtrade.

Added 2013/04/10 | Updated 2015/05/07
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International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Visit Website | More Info
Promoting Vegetarianism since 1908. Worldwide network of member societies and representatives.

Added 2010/02/23 | Updated 2010/10/05
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Jo Moon Visit Website | More Info
My writing and films contain many issues concerning animal welfare and cruelty. Please read!

Added 2011/01/08 | Updated 2011/04/13
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KW Design Nottingham Visit Website | More Info
Professional and experienced team of website designer/builders and seo specialists for web design and seo services in Nottingham.

Added 2018/01/19
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Local Veggie Web (LVW) Visit Website | More Info
A website hosting service providing an internet presence for a network of local veggie and AR groups

Added 2010/02/15
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Meat Abolition UK Visit Website | More Info
A forum for debate on meat abolition, and related actions in the UK.

Added 2010/04/06
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Meat Free Marketing Visit Website | More Info
Hi my name is Faisal I am the owner of Meat Free Marketing. I help vegan businesses thrive online by creating websites, helping them get higher in Google search pages and more.

Added 2018/01/11
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My Own Tutor Leicester CITY Visit Website | More Info
Affordable tutoring in Maths & English and other subjects.

Added 2017/07/17
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Nature's Boutique Visit Website | More Info
An online vegan store for all your beauty, cosmetics, toiletries and vegan accessory needs

Added 2010/05/24 | Updated 2011/01/31
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nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 Visit Website | More Info
nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 is rich in natural EPA & DHA. Suitable for the whole family, including expectant and breastfeeding mothers; infants, young children and the elderly. It's literally Clean, Green & Good for you!

Added 2017/06/20
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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with Graham Jevon Visit Website | More Info
Where nature meets science Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with Europe's leading Lightforce Foods Nutritionist. Coaching accessible worldwide via Skype

Added 2014/10/10 | Updated 2014/10/16
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Raw Edible Plants Visit Website | More Info
Raw Edible Plants provides information on edible plants suitable for a raw food vegan diet.

Added 2012/10/05
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Rescue Helpers Unite Visit Website | More Info
Rescue Helpers Unite brings volunteers & animal rescues together to help more animals

Added 2010/10/09 | Updated 2010/10/12
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Retro Shopper Visit Website | More Info
Leading selling of retro and traditional sweets also caters for veggies!

Added 2015/10/09
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Riseup Radio Visit Website | More Info
Riseup Radio is a community radio project based in Nottingham, UK.

Added 2011/03/17
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SchNEWS Visit Website | More Info
Newsheet & directory covering environmental & social issues, direct action protests & campaigning.

Added 2010/03/29 | Updated 2010/06/16
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Sheepless Knitter Visit Website | More Info
A website dedicated to the abundant goodness of knitting, knitting without using animal products, such as sheep's wool.

Added 2014/06/12
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The Kind Food Company Visit Website | More Info
Online vegan shop & health food store also selling macrobiotic food, healthy recipes & meal plans.

Added 2014/04/11 | Updated 2014/06/12
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The Peaceful Planet Visit Website | More Info
THE PEACEFUL PLANET MOVEMENT has been set up specifically to help bring about world peace.

Added 2010/08/06 | Updated 2010/09/17
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The Vegan Apprentice Visit Website | More Info
Vegan Culture Website with a Mission: To spread veganism through education and community.

Added 2016/03/19
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The Vegan Life Visit Website | More Info
A resource for vegans and those that aspire to be.

Added 2010/04/21
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Translate Pro Bono Visit Website | More Info
Pro bono translations for ethical causes - connecting translators, activists and organisations

Added 2010/06/17 | Updated 2010/08/16
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UK Animal Rescuers Visit Website | More Info
Directory of animal rescue web sites mainly in the UK. Grouped by location and animal.

Added 2010/05/11
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UK Animal Rights Web Directory Visit Website | More Info
A comprehensive online resource for all animal rights issues in the UK.

Added 2010/01/03 | Updated 2010/08/10
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Vegan Books Visit Website | More Info
Vegan and raw cookbooks

Added 2010/09/12 | Updated 2010/09/13
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Vegan Chat Room Visit Website | More Info
The Vegan Chat Room is a place for vegans to chat and includes a links portal to vegan websites.

Added 2010/02/15
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Vegan Chef Day Visit Website | More Info
Day Radley is a vegan private chef based in London.

Added 2016/04/04 | Updated 2016/04/20
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Vegan French Touch Visit Website | More Info
My name is Myriam Chergui. I'm a freelancer based in France. I've decided to create my vegan business called "Vegan French Touch". I've been vegan for 7 years now. I'm a former animal keeper, I've volunteered in several associations and animal shelters in France for several years, and I've worked for 3 years as a community manager and member of the board directors for an NGO defending great apes in Africa. My professional skills go from community management to translation french/english: I have a professional degree specialized in information/documentation management and web communication. I'm bilingual french/english (TOEIC certificate 945 points: "expert").

Added 2014/12/09 | Updated 2014/12/28
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Vegan Inverness Visit Website | More Info
Vegan meetup group for Inverness and surrounding areas.

Added 2010/03/20 | Updated 2010/04/03
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Vegan London Links Visit Website | More Info
A directory of vegan, vegetarian and animal rights sites in London and beyond.

Added 2010/09/02 | Updated 2010/09/03
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Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Visit Website | More Info
Vegan and vegetarian friendly algae omega 3 softgels containing 200mg DHA

Added 2015/05/14
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Vegan skincare & cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
Vegan certified skincare, haircare, cosmetics and detox spa products.

Added 2010/03/08 | Updated 2010/09/17
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Vegan Views Visit Website | More Info
A Forum for Vegan Opinion

Added 2013/11/26
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Vegatopia Visit Website | More Info
Promoting ethical veganism through academic research and teaching.

Added 2010/09/13 | Updated 2011/02/17
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Vegetarian Cycling and Athletics Club Visit Website | More Info
The Vegetarian Cycling & Athletics Club is the premier club for vegetarian and vegan sportspeople.

Added 2010/06/26 | Updated 2010/08/16
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Veggie Nerd Visit Website | More Info
I set up the Veggie Nerd website in order to have a voice and promote a lifestyle based on a plant based diet. I aim to explain why this is really the best choice for our health, the planet and of course the animals.

Added 2017/12/05
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VeggieVision TV Visit Website | More Info
VeggieVision - Internet TV station - Fresh, dynamic, go getting, inspiring promoting veganism

Added 2010/03/17 | Updated 2011/03/17
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VegParentsUK Visit Website | More Info
A web-based group for vegan and vegetarian parents around the UK

Added 2010/10/25 | Updated 2010/10/31
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VegVine.com Visit Website | More Info
VegVine is a multinational network of activists working towards universal compassion for animals!

Added 2010/09/16 | Updated 2010/09/17
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