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Vegan Society Local Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of local members acting as a point of contact for those interested in the Vegan Society.

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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100% Vegan Minerals Make up Visit Website | More Info
BCM Vega Cosmetics is an up and coming minerals make up brand that is perfect for all life styles and ethnicities, great if you have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies.

Added 2013/09/05
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Arbonne Vegan-Certified Nutrition, Skincare & Personal Care Products Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne deliver high quality personal care products including nutrition, skincare, bath, body, hair, sun care, cosmetics and baby products. NEVER tested on animals and NEVER containing any animal products or by- products, nor any parabens, petrochemicals or other nasties. Just effective, safe ingredients.

Added 2017/11/01
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Bali Nutra Ltd Visit Website | More Info
Try the exotic naturally sweet taste of Coconut Syrup. The Healthy alternative to Maple Syrup, honey or sugar. Once you try this you wont go back!

Added 2014/07/18
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Bennefit Fitness / Personal Training Visit Website | More Info
Bennefit Fitness focuses on the natural way towards Health and Fitness and encourages taking the most holistic approach to be a happy and healthier you.

Added 2017/12/24
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Blackpool Vegans Visit Website | More Info
Blackpool Vegans is a group promoting veganism through fares and social events.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/04/06
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Brighton Veg*an Social Group More Info
This social group meets monthly for meals and a chat, in the various veggie cafes in Brighton.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/03/17
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Brighton Vegan Community More Info
Brighton vegan community social group

Added 2010/03/22 | Updated 2010/09/29
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Bristol Animal Rights Collective Visit Website | More Info
Campaining against animal abuse in and around Bristol and the UK

Added 2010/03/15 | Updated 2010/06/07
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Disco Strawberry More Info
Bakery which happens to be Vegan making cakes and much more for any occasion

Added 2013/01/27
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Ekah foundation Visit Website | More Info
The Ekah Foundation is the online shop for Sri Ramana Devi, Ramana Devi is a humanitarian and educationalist and shares Hindu Philosopy. The Ekah Foundation shares a wide range of cruelty free products that are fair trade and ethical. All the products are sourced and manufactured with natural ingredients and are shared with the theme of Ahimsa which means Non Violence and based within Hindu Philosophy. it caters for both spiritual and cruelty free recipients.

Added 2017/08/09
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Gloucestershire Vegan Group Visit Website | More Info
Small, friendly vegan group, meeting bi-monthly.

Added 2010/02/04 | Updated 2010/03/07
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Joanna Photography Visit Website | More Info
Beautiful & Natural Fine Art wedding and portrait photography - Guided by Eco Values and 100% Vegan

Added 2015/05/21
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London Vegans Visit Website | More Info
London Vegans exists to promote veganism in the London area. We have various social events, such as monthly meetings, restaurant visits and walks. We also operate information stalls at a variety of events throughout the year

Added 2010/02/23 | Updated 2011/03/06
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Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group (MVVG) Visit Website | More Info
Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group is Greater Manchester's largest vegetarian and vegan group

Added 2010/03/17 | Updated 2010/03/20
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Milton Keynes Vegetarians & Vegans Visit Website | More Info
A small group of people campaigning and fundraising via street collections in many towns centres in the region.

Added 2010/06/02 | Updated 2012/06/10
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North East Derbyshire & North Notts Animal Rights Visit Website | More Info
A brand new Animal Rights group for the Chesterfield and Mansfield areas. Please like and share our Facebook page.

Added 2015/01/01 | Updated 2015/01/29
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North Herts Vegans and Vegetarians Group Visit Website | More Info
North Hertfordshire Vegetarian and Vegan Group is a social and active vegetarian group based around Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and the surrounding villages.

Added 2012/06/24
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North Riding Veg*ans More Info
Social group for vegetarians, vegans and friends.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/03/18
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nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 Visit Website | More Info
nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 is rich in natural EPA & DHA. Suitable for the whole family, including expectant and breastfeeding mothers; infants, young children and the elderly. It's literally Clean, Green & Good for you!

Added 2017/06/20
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Shropshire Veggies and Vegans Visit Website | More Info
We are a group of people who share a common interest in vegetarianism and veganism.

Added 2014/11/08 | Updated 2014/12/05
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Tamar Valley Vegans Visit Website | More Info
Vegan B&B retreat, delicious home cooked meals, rescued ex-battery hens, yoga, meditation

Added 2010/03/17 | Updated 2010/03/23
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Three Counties Vegans Visit Website | More Info
A vegan social group meeting once a month in the Worcestershire/Herefordshire/Gloucestershire area

Added 2010/03/20 | Updated 2010/03/23
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Vegan French Touch Visit Website | More Info
My name is Myriam Chergui. I'm a freelancer based in France. I've decided to create my vegan business called "Vegan French Touch". I've been vegan for 7 years now. I'm a former animal keeper, I've volunteered in several associations and animal shelters in France for several years, and I've worked for 3 years as a community manager and member of the board directors for an NGO defending great apes in Africa. My professional skills go from community management to translation french/english: I have a professional degree specialized in information/documentation management and web communication. I'm bilingual french/english (TOEIC certificate 945 points: "expert").

Added 2014/12/09 | Updated 2014/12/28
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Vegan Lincs Visit Website | More Info
We are a friendly group based in Lincoln - Linking Vegans in Lincolnshire

Added 2010/12/02 | Updated 2011/03/09
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Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Visit Website | More Info
Vegan and vegetarian friendly algae omega 3 softgels containing 200mg DHA

Added 2015/05/14
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Vegan Society Visit Website | More Info
An educational charity and membership organisation that promotes and supports vegan lifestyles.

Added 2009/12/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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Vegan Wiltshire Visit Website | More Info
A warm welcome to Wiltshire vegans, aspiring vegans, the vegan curious and those wanting to cut down on their consumption of meat, dairy and animal products

Added 2011/04/16 | Updated 2014/01/04
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West Sussex Hunt Sabs Visit Website | More Info
Group to detect wildlife abuse & crime.We monitor/sab hunts and investigate in general wildlife crime. We also help as a wildlife rescue group

Added 2015/11/13
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