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9thwave Visit Website | More Info
An ethical design studio working across brand identity, print and digital media.

Added 2010/06/17 | Updated 2014/01/02
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Anna Magombe Creative Thinking - Graphic Design & Illustration Visit Website | More Info
Anna Magombe is a creative thinker and maker based in London, specialising in graphic design and illustration.

Added 2015/04/29
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Dissident Island Radio Visit Website | More Info
An internet-based activist, anarchist radio station based in London, UK.

Added 2010/07/01
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Doughnut Design Visit Website | More Info
Ethical vegan graphic design and print - 5000 leaflets, designed and printed for £149!

Added 2016/03/17 | Updated 2016/03/18
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Gurt Lush Printing Visit Website | More Info
Print company run by vegans.

Added 2014/02/08 | Updated 2014/02/11
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Lingocode German to English Translation Services Visit Website | More Info
German to English Translator specialising in IT, Technology, Business and Finance

Added 2010/06/17 | Updated 2013/11/19
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Meat Free Marketing Visit Website | More Info
Hi my name is Faisal I am the owner of Meat Free Marketing. I help vegan businesses thrive online by creating websites, helping them get higher in Google search pages and more.

Added 2018/01/11
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Riseup Radio Visit Website | More Info
Riseup Radio is a community radio project based in Nottingham, UK.

Added 2011/03/17
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Tasty Web Design Visit Website | More Info
Professional web design and development. Accessible, mobile, SEO-friendly, multilingual, vegan.

Added 2013/12/04
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Taylor McKenzie Visit Website | More Info
We are Taylor McKenzie, an award winning, creative studio that helps brands and agencies engage with their audience and build market presence through effective Branding, Print and Web, as well as Motion Graphics and Film

Added 2010/03/11 | Updated 2013/07/01
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Tear Up The Plans Visit Website | More Info
Tear Up The Plans is a marketing, design and illustration agency based in Liverpool's vibrant and creative Baltic Triangle. They work with a variety of clients who are working towards a better future.

Added 2014/03/26
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Translate Pro Bono Visit Website | More Info
Pro bono translations for ethical causes - connecting translators, activists and organisations

Added 2010/06/17 | Updated 2010/08/16
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Vegan French Touch Visit Website | More Info
My name is Myriam Chergui. I'm a freelancer based in France. I've decided to create my vegan business called "Vegan French Touch". I've been vegan for 7 years now. I'm a former animal keeper, I've volunteered in several associations and animal shelters in France for several years, and I've worked for 3 years as a community manager and member of the board directors for an NGO defending great apes in Africa. My professional skills go from community management to translation french/english: I have a professional degree specialized in information/documentation management and web communication. I'm bilingual french/english (TOEIC certificate 945 points: "expert").

Added 2014/12/09 | Updated 2014/12/28
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Vegan Podcasts Visit Website | More Info
Find and listen to the best vegan podcasts and other media!

Added 2017/10/06
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Vegan Society Visit Website | More Info
An educational charity and membership organisation that promotes and supports vegan lifestyles.

Added 2009/12/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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VeggieVision TV Visit Website | More Info
VeggieVision - Internet TV station - Fresh, dynamic, go getting, inspiring promoting veganism

Added 2010/03/17 | Updated 2011/03/17
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