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Animal Aid Local Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of local groups and contacts give vital support for all Animal Aid campaigns.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2011/02/12
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Aid 4 Animals Visit Website | More Info
UK online directory of animal welfare and care charities and organisations plus much more

Added 2010/04/10 | Updated 2012/02/17
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Algernon Trust Animal Sanctuary Visit Website | More Info
Re-homing or long term care for cats & dogs of any age. Wildlife rescue service.

Added 2010/02/10
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Animal Accident Rescue Unit Visit Website | More Info
A Nottingham based Charity, providing a transport service for sick, injured or vulnerable animals and birds

Added 2014/08/05
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Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue Visit Website | More Info
Rehoming dogs and cats in the West Midlands

Added 2009/12/21 | Updated 2011/03/04
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Animal Defence Society Visit Website | More Info
The Animal Defence Society aims to give aid, rescue and veterinary treatment to any animal known to be suffering and in pain, and continue exposing the suffering behind closed doors.

Added 2012/02/24
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Animal Protection Agency Visit Website | More Info
The APA is committed to ceasing the trade in wildlife for pets.

Added 2010/06/19 | Updated 2011/02/15
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Animal Rescue Directory Visit Website | More Info
The most comprehensive animal rescue directory on the web.

Added 2010/04/21 | Updated 2010/09/30
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Animal Rights Alliance Visit Website | More Info
Animal Rights Alliance is a volunteer-run animal protection organisation focusing on direct action to give aid and rescue to animals.

Added 2012/06/15 | Updated 2012/09/13
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Animal Rights UK Visit Website | More Info
Animal Rights UK is an organisation working to publicise and aid the efforts of the grassroot animal rights movement in the UK.

Added 2011/04/13 | Updated 2012/03/26
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Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency Visit Website | More Info
Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency is a growing organisation for farm animal welfare.

Added 2013/03/09
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Arun Animal Action More Info
To report mistreatment of animals in the Arun District call 01903 868664.

Added 2011/04/07 | Updated 2011/04/09
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Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue Visit Website | More Info
A Nottingham based re-homing centre for guinea pigs(cavies).

Added 2010/11/30
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Bournemouth and Poole Animal Aid Visit Website | More Info
Bournemouth Animal Aid - concerned for the welfare and protection of all animals

Added 2010/11/24
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Brinsley Animal Rescue Visit Website | More Info
Volunteer-run animal rescue, including care for animals discarded by meat, dairy & egg industry.

Added 2010/05/06 | Updated 2010/09/23
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Cat Cuddles Rescue Centre Greenwich Visit Website | More Info
Non profit cat sanctuary that aims to re home stray cats and kittens across Greenwich and the South East

Added 2012/02/02
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Freshfields Animal Rescue Visit Website | More Info
FAR rescue and rehome unwanted, abused or abandoned animals and take in injured wildlife.

Added 2010/03/15 | Updated 2010/03/19
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Hillfields Animal Sanctuary Visit Website | More Info
Vegan run sanctuary that is home & lifelong refuge for 300+ animals. Funding Crisis - Please Help.

Added 2010/01/19 | Updated 2011/02/22
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Identicat Scotland More Info
Identity Cat Action Trust, covers all pet problems, including Pet (& human) Bereavement.

Added 2010/03/11
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Kirkby Cats Home More Info
Sanctuary, rescue & on-site care of feral cats. Help with costs and arrangements for fostering.

Added 2010/01/17 | Updated 2010/03/25
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Kirkby Pet Welfare More Info
Help given with rehoming dogs, and other animals. Homes always needed.

Added 2010/01/17 | Updated 2015/01/22
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Midlands Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) Visit Website | More Info
An informal network building mutual support between animal rights groups in the Midlands.

Added 2010/02/14 | Updated 2011/02/28
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North East Derbyshire & North Notts Animal Rights Visit Website | More Info
A brand new Animal Rights group for the Chesterfield and Mansfield areas. Please like and share our Facebook page.

Added 2015/01/01 | Updated 2015/01/29
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Northampton Animal Protection More Info
Friendly animal protection group based in Northampton.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/04/02
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Northern Animal Rights Coalition (NARC) Visit Website | More Info
An informal network building mutual support between animal rights groups in the North of England.

Added 2010/03/31 | Updated 2011/03/28
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Protect a pup Visit Website | More Info
Protect a pup is the campaign aimed at ending the death of abandoned dogs by setting in place preventative measures; we aim to provide free neuters, free spays, free microchipping, free dog food and free advice to those in need.

Added 2014/02/08 | Updated 2014/02/24
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Puppie's Animal Rescue Visit Website | More Info
Puppie's has dogs and puppies needing good homes. Meanwhile they live in a happy pack!

Added 2010/05/13 | Updated 2010/10/26
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Puppy Love Campaigns Visit Website | More Info
Puppy Love aims to eliminate the cruel practice of puppy farming.

Added 2010/04/27
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Rescue Dogs Visit Website | More Info
Overlooked rescue dogs for adoption in the UK and Ireland.

Added 2010/04/17 | Updated 2010/09/30
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Rescue Helpers Unite Visit Website | More Info
Rescue Helpers Unite brings volunteers & animal rescues together to help more animals

Added 2010/10/09 | Updated 2010/10/12
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Retreat Animal Rescue Visit Website | More Info
A voluntary, vegan-led, no-kill rescue. A permanent home for hundreds of animals of all kinds

Added 2010/11/25 | Updated 2011/03/19
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RSPCA Nottingham Branch Visit Website | More Info
Nottingham & Notts Branch office and Charity Shop.

Added 2010/04/15 | Updated 2014/08/15
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Scottish Animal Welfare Visit Website | More Info
Scottish Animal Welfare is Scotland's only 24 hour animal welfare organisation

Added 2014/11/23 | Updated 2014/12/05
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Something Fishy Visit Website | More Info
Worlds first mobile vegan fish and chip shop.

Added 2009/11/21 | Updated 2011/02/23
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TARRS Warwickshire Visit Website | More Info
The Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Society is a Warwickshire based animal charity.

Added 2010/09/22 | Updated 2010/09/30
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Waterford Animal Concern More Info
Local animal rights group based in Waterford city, Ireland.Established in 1997. Its main aim and objective is to assist in any practical way any action carried out to establish, maintain and defend the rights and welfare of any living creature.

Added 2013/07/11
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