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Animal Aid Local Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of local groups and contacts give vital support for all Animal Aid campaigns.

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2011/02/12
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Hunt Saboteurs Association Local Groups Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of local hunt saboteurs groups prevent hunts from catching and killing animals.

Added 2010/09/19 | Updated 2011/02/22
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Vegan Society Local Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of local members acting as a point of contact for those interested in the Vegan Society.

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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Vegetarian Society Groups & Info Centres Network Visit Website | More Info
An extensive network of groups and information centres throughout the UK affiliated to the VegSoc.

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2011/02/17
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Viva! Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A UK-wide network of groups and individuals supporting the work of Viva!

Added 2010/03/08 | Updated 2010/09/17
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British Heartless Foundation Visit Website | More Info
Campaign to end the animal experiments funded by the British Heart Foundation

Added 2017/08/05
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Campaign Against Climate Change Visit Website | More Info
Pushing for the urgent and resolute action we need to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Added 2010/09/26
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Community Action Network Visit Website | More Info
Building strong communities that can think, decide and act for themselves.

Added 2010/02/28
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East Anglia Animal Rights Network More Info
EAARN campaign against all forms of animal abuse

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/04/06
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Food Not Bombs Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A worldwide list of Food Not Bombs chapters

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2010/02/26
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Give Animals Back Their Rights Visit Website | More Info
UK Government Petition please sign http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ petitions/29242

Added 2012/04/19
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Green and Black Cross Visit Website | More Info
An independent grassroots mutual aid project supporting autonomous social struggles within the UK.

Added 2011/04/06
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Hunt Saboteurs Association Visit Website | More Info
Hunt saboteurs prevent hunts from catching and killing animals.

Added 2010/09/19
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International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Visit Website | More Info
Promoting Vegetarianism since 1908. Worldwide network of member societies and representatives.

Added 2010/02/23 | Updated 2010/10/05
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Land Roots Visit Website | More Info
Land Roots is a co-operative project to reclaim the land for ordinary people by gradually buying it

Added 2010/08/06 | Updated 2010/08/22
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Local Veggie Web (LVW) Visit Website | More Info
A website hosting service providing an internet presence for a network of local veggie and AR groups

Added 2010/02/15
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Maidstone Vegans Visit Website | More Info
For vegans,(and transitioning vegans), in & around Maidstone. 

Added 2013/10/16 | Updated 2013/11/20
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Midlands Animal Rights Coalition (MARC) Visit Website | More Info
An informal network building mutual support between animal rights groups in the Midlands.

Added 2010/02/14 | Updated 2011/02/28
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No Borders UK Visit Website | More Info
A network struggling for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls.

Added 2010/02/26 | Updated 2010/02/28
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North Herts Vegans and Vegetarians Group Visit Website | More Info
North Hertfordshire Vegetarian and Vegan Group is a social and active vegetarian group based around Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and the surrounding villages.

Added 2012/06/24
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Northern Animal Rights Coalition (NARC) Visit Website | More Info
An informal network building mutual support between animal rights groups in the North of England.

Added 2010/03/31 | Updated 2011/03/28
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Radical Routes Visit Website | More Info
A network of radical co-ops whose members are committed to working for positive social change.

Added 2009/11/22 | Updated 2011/03/14
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Rescue Helpers Unite Visit Website | More Info
Rescue Helpers Unite brings volunteers & animal rescues together to help more animals

Added 2010/10/09 | Updated 2010/10/12
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Social Centre Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of self-managed social centres providing space and resources for activism.

Added 2010/04/17
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Southern Animal Protection Alliance Visit Website | More Info
An alliance of animal protection organisations from the South and South West of England

Added 2011/01/05 | Updated 2011/01/15
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Surrey and Surrounds Vegetarians and Vegans Visit Website | More Info
Meetup-based social group covering the county of Surrey and surrounding areas, including Greater London. Welcoming vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, fruitarians and those with an interest.

Added 2013/11/22 | Updated 2013/11/26
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Transition Network Visit Website | More Info
A community-led response to climate change, fossil fuel depletion and economic contraction.

Added 2010/06/20 | Updated 2011/02/15
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Translate Pro Bono Visit Website | More Info
Pro bono translations for ethical causes - connecting translators, activists and organisations

Added 2010/06/17 | Updated 2010/08/16
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Uncaged Visit Website | More Info
International campaigns against animal experiments and for the advancement of animal rights.

Added 2010/06/17 | Updated 2011/02/15
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Vegan French Touch Visit Website | More Info
My name is Myriam Chergui. I'm a freelancer based in France. I've decided to create my vegan business called "Vegan French Touch". I've been vegan for 7 years now. I'm a former animal keeper, I've volunteered in several associations and animal shelters in France for several years, and I've worked for 3 years as a community manager and member of the board directors for an NGO defending great apes in Africa. My professional skills go from community management to translation french/english: I have a professional degree specialized in information/documentation management and web communication. I'm bilingual french/english (TOEIC certificate 945 points: "expert").

Added 2014/12/09 | Updated 2014/12/28
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Vegan Society Visit Website | More Info
An educational charity and membership organisation that promotes and supports vegan lifestyles.

Added 2009/12/15 | Updated 2011/03/10
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VegParentsUK Visit Website | More Info
A web-based group for vegan and vegetarian parents around the UK

Added 2010/10/25 | Updated 2010/10/31
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Viva! - Vegetarians International Voice for Animals Visit Website | More Info
Viva! campaigns for a vegetarian/vegan world, through research, information and demonstrations

Added 2010/03/08
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Wolverhampton Vegans and Veggies Visit Website | More Info
A vegan/vegetarian outreach group focuses on promoting a cruelty free lifestyle.

Added 2014/03/26
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