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AbsolutelySuperFoods Visit Website | More Info
Pick and mix Superfoods for the health conscious.

Added 2016/03/07
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Animal Free Cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
Cosmetics and toiletries which have never been tested on animals, ingredients which have never been tested on animals, and no animal byproducts or animal ingredients.

Added 2012/10/31
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Anna Magombe Creative Thinking - Graphic Design & Illustration Visit Website | More Info
Anna Magombe is a creative thinker and maker based in London, specialising in graphic design and illustration.

Added 2015/04/29
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Arbonne by J Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne is certified Vegan for 37 years - never tested on animals - now that is a big deal!

Added 2017/04/02 | Updated 2017/04/20
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Arbonne Vegan Make-up, Nutrition & Personal Care Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne offers a high-quality range of vegan cosmetics, nutrition and personal care products.

Added 2014/01/14 | Updated 2014/01/17
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Arbonne Vegan-Certified Nutrition, Skincare & Personal Care Products Visit Website | More Info
Arbonne deliver high quality personal care products including nutrition, skincare, bath, body, hair, sun care, cosmetics and baby products. NEVER tested on animals and NEVER containing any animal products or by- products, nor any parabens, petrochemicals or other nasties. Just effective, safe ingredients.

Added 2017/11/01
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Belly Heaven Love Food Visit Website | More Info
Conscious Catering Company, working nationally, loving globally! Bringing the magic to your feasts, celebrations, events, workshops and even into your home!

Added 2010/05/25 | Updated 2013/12/11
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Ekah foundation Visit Website | More Info
The Ekah Foundation is the online shop for Sri Ramana Devi, Ramana Devi is a humanitarian and educationalist and shares Hindu Philosopy. The Ekah Foundation shares a wide range of cruelty free products that are fair trade and ethical. All the products are sourced and manufactured with natural ingredients and are shared with the theme of Ahimsa which means Non Violence and based within Hindu Philosophy. it caters for both spiritual and cruelty free recipients.

Added 2017/08/09
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Ethics and Health Foundation Visit Website | More Info
EHF publish a vegan newsletter. We also run the LABL Fair events in Liverpool. See labl.org.uk for details.

Added 2013/02/13 | Updated 2014/12/30
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Ganoderma Shop Visit Website | More Info
We are one of the leading Coffee Shop located here in Swindon City of Wiltshire County. We also sells Ganoderma Supplements, Medicinal Mushroom Products and other beauty products Online.

Added 2015/11/17
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I Choose What I Use Visit Website | More Info
Online store offering vegan, natural and cruelty free skin care, hair care and beauty products from a range of companies. We also have a passion for organic and fairtrade.

Added 2013/04/10 | Updated 2015/05/07
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Italian Craft Beers Visit Website | More Info
Wholesale of craft beers and wines made in Italy.

Added 2016/01/29
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Kukur Tag Visit Website | More Info
Healing pet identity tags inspired by the street dogs of India.

Added 2017/04/22
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Lakeside Ethical Treats Visit Website | More Info
100% vegan online & mobile confectionery shop which raises funds for grassroots vegan campaigning

Added 2011/03/29 | Updated 2011/04/06
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LBH Superfoods Visit Website | More Info
The UK's #1 Organic Superfood Shop, selling organic acai berries, maca powder, wheatgrass, spirulina powder and more.

Added 2016/07/12 | Updated 2016/12/23
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Not To Die For Visit Website | More Info
Not To Die For is your online destination for all things ethical, vegan and cruelty free. Combining beauty and style with a love for compassionate living.

Added 2016/11/23 | Updated 2016/12/23
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nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 Visit Website | More Info
nuIQue Vegan Omega 3 is rich in natural EPA & DHA. Suitable for the whole family, including expectant and breastfeeding mothers; infants, young children and the elderly. It's literally Clean, Green & Good for you!

Added 2017/06/20
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Planetwise Vegan Shop & Yoga Studio Visit Website | More Info
A vegan shop in the costal town of Bridlington, supplying vegan only food and gifts. Also available online.

Added 2016/08/18 | Updated 2016/12/23
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Real Foods Visit Website | More Info
Real Foods have 2 shops in Edinburgh and a webshop at www.realfoods.co.uk. We sell a huge array of vegan, Fairtrade and organic foods, along with free-from foods.

Added 2015/03/18 | Updated 2015/04/23
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Ringana - Fresh & Natural Cosmetics Visit Website | More Info
fresh cosmetics and natural cosmetics, natural food supplements with Fresh CAPS and Fresh PACKS

Added 2016/04/19 | Updated 2016/04/20
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Sea Shepherd UK Visit Website | More Info
International Charity directly protecting Marine Wildlife with Vegan ships.

Added 2011/04/10
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Sunny's Fruit Farm Visit Website | More Info
Sunny's Fruit Farm produces superb quality healthy dried fruit snacks & fruit leathers - 100% natural, made from our own fresh fruit.

Added 2014/02/03 | Updated 2014/02/24
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The Kind Food Company Visit Website | More Info
Online vegan shop & health food store also selling macrobiotic food, healthy recipes & meal plans.

Added 2014/04/11 | Updated 2014/06/12
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The Natural Health Market Visit Website | More Info
The Natural Health Market is an online health shop dedicated to promoting natural and organic products that can increase health and vitality. We stock a wide range of super foods, vitamins and supplements, herbal tea, natural skincare products, balms, ointments and essential oils.

Added 2016/12/19 | Updated 2016/12/23
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The Natural Products Company Visit Website | More Info
An on-line eco-friendly, ethical store sourcing a range of natural and organic products.

Added 2012/08/29
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Vegan Jewelry Visit Website | More Info
Original Handcrafted, Conscious, Zen & Spiritual Jewelry Designs promoting global awareness & using only Earth-Friendly & Cruelty-Free materials.

Added 2012/06/24 | Updated 2012/08/21
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Vegan Omega 3 Supplements Visit Website | More Info
Vegan and vegetarian friendly algae omega 3 softgels containing 200mg DHA

Added 2015/05/14
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Vegan Town Chocolate Store Visit Website | More Info
Fantastic range of gorgeous treats guaranteed to put a smile on any vegan's face.

Added 2014/10/17 | Updated 2015/12/09
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Vegan Tuck Box Visit Website | More Info
Vegan Tuck Box contains a surprise selection of 10 exciting, new or hard to find vegan snack and treat foods.

Added 2013/11/03 | Updated 2013/11/19
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VGKebab.com Visit Website | More Info
Life Loving Foods!

Added 2017/02/03
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