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Hunt Saboteurs Association Local Groups Network Visit Website | More Info
A network of local hunt saboteurs groups prevent hunts from catching and killing animals.

Added 2010/09/19 | Updated 2011/02/22
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Animal Defence Society Visit Website | More Info
The Animal Defence Society aims to give aid, rescue and veterinary treatment to any animal known to be suffering and in pain, and continue exposing the suffering behind closed doors.

Added 2012/02/24
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Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Visit Website | More Info
Info about animal rights prisoners & defence funds plus articles/news in our newsletter

Added 2010/02/03 | Updated 2013/05/16
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Animal Rights Alliance Visit Website | More Info
Animal Rights Alliance is a volunteer-run animal protection organisation focusing on direct action to give aid and rescue to animals.

Added 2012/06/15 | Updated 2012/09/13
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Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency Visit Website | More Info
Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency is a growing organisation for farm animal welfare.

Added 2013/03/09
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Boycott EDF Visit Website | More Info
Campaigning against the UK's addiction to nuclear power.

Added 2010/11/17
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Camp for Climate Action Visit Website | More Info
Participating in low-impact, sustainable living and organise direct action.

Added 2010/06/20 | Updated 2011/03/12
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Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act Visit Website | More Info
A campaign intiative by Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA], endorsed by the Hunt Monitors Association [HMA].

Added 2014/10/17 | Updated 2014/12/05
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Cleveland Hunt Saboteurs Visit Website | More Info
Saving lives of hunted animals across North Yorkshire, Cleveland and Teeside.

Added 2012/12/17
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Earth First! Nottingham Visit Website | More Info
EF! is a convenient banner for people who share similar philosophies to work under.

Added 2009/11/24 | Updated 2011/02/08
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Food Not Bombs Visit Website | More Info
Food Not Bombs shares free vegan (pure vegetarian) meals with the hungry.

Added 2010/01/17 | Updated 2011/02/22
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Food Not Bombs Contacts Network Visit Website | More Info
A worldwide list of Food Not Bombs chapters

Added 2010/02/15 | Updated 2010/02/26
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Gloucestershire Activist Network Visit Website | More Info
Gloucestershire Activist Network - Bringing together Activists and Campaigners in Gloucestershire and beyond. Organising demos for animal rights, anti-fracking etc.

Added 2015/05/07
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Green and Black Cross Visit Website | More Info
An independent grassroots mutual aid project supporting autonomous social struggles within the UK.

Added 2011/04/06
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Guerrillas Of Love More Info
Guerrilla Gardening. now based in Glasgow, though this is a diy ethos. Just Do It!

Added 2010/11/25 | Updated 2015/06/06
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Hunt Saboteurs Association Visit Website | More Info
Hunt saboteurs prevent hunts from catching and killing animals.

Added 2010/09/19
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London Action Resource Centre Visit Website | More Info
A collectively run building providing space and resources for folks in London.

Added 2010/07/01
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No Borders UK Visit Website | More Info
A network struggling for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls.

Added 2010/02/26 | Updated 2010/02/28
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North East Derbyshire & North Notts Animal Rights Visit Website | More Info
A brand new Animal Rights group for the Chesterfield and Mansfield areas. Please like and share our Facebook page.

Added 2015/01/01 | Updated 2015/01/29
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North West Hunt Saboteurs Association (NWHSA) Visit Website | More Info
The NWHSA regularly take direct action against all forms of bloodsports.

Added 2009/12/24 | Updated 2010/02/09
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Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs Visit Website | More Info
Direct Action campaigning against bloodsports - Saving Animals Lives in the East Midlands!

Added 2010/03/04
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Notts Food Not Bombs Visit Website | More Info
Sharing free vegan meals in Nottingham, making use of food that would otherwise go to waste.

Added 2010/01/22 | Updated 2010/02/26
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Protect Our Wild Animals [POWA] Visit Website | More Info
POWA is a network of highly experienced, dedicated, volunteer wildlife campaigners.

Added 2014/10/16 | Updated 2014/12/05
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Radical Routes Visit Website | More Info
A network of radical co-ops whose members are committed to working for positive social change.

Added 2009/11/22 | Updated 2011/03/14
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Riseup Radio Visit Website | More Info
Riseup Radio is a community radio project based in Nottingham, UK.

Added 2011/03/17
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Saving Iceland Visit Website | More Info
Saving Iceland is an international campaign to defend the Icelandic Wilderness

Added 2010/03/15
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SchNEWS Visit Website | More Info
Newsheet & directory covering environmental & social issues, direct action protests & campaigning.

Added 2010/03/29 | Updated 2010/06/16
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Sea Shepherd UK Visit Website | More Info
An international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization.

Added 2010/06/20 | Updated 2011/04/10
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Sea Shepherd UK Visit Website | More Info
International Charity directly protecting Marine Wildlife with Vegan ships.

Added 2011/04/10
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Sheffield and South Yorks Hunt Sabs More Info
Direct Action campaigning against bloodsports

Added 2010/03/16 | Updated 2010/04/04
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Shell to Sea Visit Website | More Info
Campaigns to protect Rossport, County Mayo community from Shell's Corrib Gas Project.

Added 2010/06/19
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Sussex Action for Animals (S.A.F.A) More Info
SAFA campaigns against all animal abuse and exploitation. See facebook/myspace/sussexactionforanimals

Added 2010/01/06 | Updated 2010/11/11
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The Black Fish Visit Website | More Info
European based ocean conservation organisation, with a vegan ethos.

Added 2010/09/30 | Updated 2011/03/21
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The Peaceful Planet Visit Website | More Info
THE PEACEFUL PLANET MOVEMENT has been set up specifically to help bring about world peace.

Added 2010/08/06 | Updated 2010/09/17
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Turning the Tide Visit Website | More Info
Turning the Tide promotes the understanding and use of nonviolence for effective campaigning.

Added 2010/07/21
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Undercurrents Visit Website | More Info
Support for activists using film / internet to further their message and campaign for social change

Added 2010/06/20
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Vegan Lincs Visit Website | More Info
We are a friendly group based in Lincoln - Linking Vegans in Lincolnshire

Added 2010/12/02 | Updated 2011/03/09
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Waagosh Vegan Food Collective Visit Website | More Info
Vegan catering collective - specialising in weddings, fundraisers and festivals

Added 2016/05/07 | Updated 2016/05/13
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Waterford Animal Concern More Info
Local animal rights group based in Waterford city, Ireland.Established in 1997. Its main aim and objective is to assist in any practical way any action carried out to establish, maintain and defend the rights and welfare of any living creature.

Added 2013/07/11
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West Sussex Hunt Sabs Visit Website | More Info
Group to detect wildlife abuse & crime.We monitor/sab hunts and investigate in general wildlife crime. We also help as a wildlife rescue group

Added 2015/11/13
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