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Tuesday 11th September 2007 to Friday 14th September

Disarm DSEi

11th September 2007


14th September

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From 11-14 September, DSEi (Defence Systems Equipment International), the world’s largest arms fair, returns to East London’s ExCeL Centre.

Since 1999 Veggies have provided catering for this bi-annual campaign, doing what we do best - providing sustenance on the streets for One Day - Many Actions on 11th September.

Cop Watch at DSEiAs see on TV!
We had a spectacular 'stop & search' with 12 cops on foot, 2 cop vans, 2 cop bikes, a FIT photograher and a police vehicle examiner who 'just happened to be passing!'

Arms fair met with protestors: BBC News report: "The opening of the defence and weapons trade show has been met with criticism from protestors who marched outside."
Don't blink or you'll miss us, just after Mark Thomas's piece, 1min 30 seconds in. View the video here or at

See full Nottingham report at
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Disarm DSEi.
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Monday 10th

16:30 - 18:30, The Mayfair hotel, Stratton St, W1J 8LT: picket of Jane’s UK Defence Conference

Tuesday 11th

10:30 - 11:00, by round water feature, Plaistow Park: meeting point for Nottingham group / Veggies.

11:00 - 12:00, Plaistow Park (between Balaam St & Greengate St, E13): march organised by Campaign Against the Arms Trade

12:00 - 13:00, Custom House DLR station: rally organised by Campaign Against the Arms Trade

13:00, Custom House DLR station: regroup called by Disarm DSEi

16:30, Canning Town bus station: regroup called by Disarm DSEi

19:00, Disarm DSEi convergence centre: meeting for people travelling back to Nottingham

In addition to these publicly announced protests, affinity groups will be taking direct action against the arms fair and related targets throughout the day.

Heckler & Koch

As you probably know, our demo against Nottingham-based arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch went very well.  You can read a full report on our website.  The primary focus of the Disarm DSEi campaign remains the London arms fair. 

However, a campaign against Heckler & Koch in Nottingham has been proposed, inspired by the long-running and effective Smash EDO campaign in Brighton.  Please let me know if you would be interested in supporting such a campaign.

FIT Watch

The police officers you see photographing everyone at demos are the Forward Intelligence Team and their purpose is to intimidate dissenters as much as it is to record them. Fed up with constant intrusive surveillance, activists from Disarm DSEi recently set up FIT Watch – a movement aimed at turning the tables on the FIT.

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