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Saturday 13th December 2008

East Midlands Vegan Festival

13th December 2008

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/veganfestival/2008/EMVF08_468x188.jpg2009 event date announced: 12th December 2009

The 5th East Midlands Vegan Festival (EMVF) welcomed almost 2000 visitors to the Council House on Nottingham's Old Market Square.

Doors opened at 11am, and by 1pm there was a (thankfully short) queue, the venue maintaining a comfortable 200 capacity throughout. Thanks to all who helped setting up from 9am (and in advance).

The Festival featured food, clothing, toiletries, cosmetics, gift and campaign stalls, as well as vegan food samples and advice.

Thanks to Bartosz Kali for sharing this gallery of photos from the event at

The all-vegan Sumac Centre hosted other events to compliment the EMVF, with an amazing vegan feast by Richard and friends at the People's Kitchen Meal, followed by a storming party, grooving to Northern Soul from DJ Merrick.

Sunday 14th saw the A Winter Wonderland, Sumac's Craft Fair with children's entertainment & workshops, followed by a live music jam, a set by MoonBuggy & DJ's.

The Sumac Centre is a short walk along Gladstone Street, from the Beaconsfield Street stop on the The Tram from Nottingham Trent University, the Market Square, and the Train & Coach Stations.

See Festival report at Notts Indymedia. (2007 EMVF info and Indymedia Report by Tash)

Thanks to everyone from a broad coalition of Nottingham's animal rights, vegan and environmental campaign community this event was a huge success.

So... what do vegans eat?

On Saturday 13th December no less that 1,990 people had that question answered at the East Midlands Vegan Festival. Not just what, but why, where and how, with a program of talks, including:

* 'Vegan Education in Schools and Colleges' - Information and resources for teachers, students and parents too by Rob from the Vegan Society

*' By-products of the Livestock Industry - Meet your meat'. The work of a local farmed animal rescue, by Jon from Brinsley Animal Rescue

* 'Campaign for Eco-Veganism' by Kevin of Midlands Vegan Campaigns - Livestock has the biggest impact on the climate and other global issues.

* 'Vegan Nottingham' - local projects include the Vegan Nottingham Guide, Free Food Giveaway events and Veggies Campaigns"

* 'Truffle Making & Cake Baking Tips' - Elsa, Pop By Cherry

* 'Pizzadillas & Vegan Fried Egg' - Alex, Kiss My Asparagus

* 'Fridge Cakes & Vegan Cookie Tips- - Eva, Kiss My Asparagus

* 'Vegan Q's & A's' - our panel of experts answered 'where, what, how and why to enjoy vegan living'.

It is appropriate that the East Midlands Vegan Festival was (independently) held at the very same Council House where the Council had a few days earlier passed a policy recognising the threat of 'peak oil'.

We are consuming huge amount of energy in our diet. Ten calories of fossil fuels are used in the production of each calorie of food today.

It requires many times the resources to produce meat and dairy products than plant-based foods. Oil (and gas) is consumed in the production of the fertilizers and pesticides needed to grow animal feeds. Oil is used to fuel tractors, combines, harvesters, and other large machinery, producing crops that are likely to be fed to livestock or processed into the oils used in packaged food. With the largest proportion of the food value being lost by conversion into animal products, it is vital that we eat more direct foods.

We cannot afford to maintain 2 population explosions, that of consumers of western livestock-based diets and that of the billions of animals raised to satisfy this system. A staggering 55 billion animals are raised for meat every year - 55 billion living beings who have to be fed and watered, all of which results in the consumption of more oil.

We should be urging everyone to reduce and eliminate their use and abuse of animals for food and other purposes. This is surely a more compassionate way to reduce the effects of livestock production on peak oil, climate change, excess water use, wasteful use of land and food resources and the promotion of a dangerously unhealthy diet.

If you would like to make a donation to support this free event, please click here:

Support East Midlands Vegan Festival
East Midlands Vegan Festival.
Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX
Ph: 0845 458 9595 . [veganfestival[at]]
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You may wish to support the event to benefit:

  • People - Livestock consume soy, grain and precious water supplies, while people starve.
  • Animals - All animal products create animal exploitation.
  • The Planet - Go vegan to cut your eco-footprint and your impact on the climate
  • Yourself - Your health, and your wallet, will benefit from a move towards a vegan diet
    ... more at

Talks and Workshops

  • 12.00 - “Vegan Education in Schools and Colleges”; Rob, Vegan Society
    Information and resources for teachers, students and parents too.

  • 1pm - “By-products of the Livestock Industry”; Jon, Brinsley Animal Rescue
    Meet your meat. The work of a local farmed animal rescue.

  • 2pm - “Campaign for Eco-Veganism”; Kevin, Midlands Vegan Campaigns
    Livestock has the biggest impact on the climate and other global issues.

  • 2.30 - “Vegan Nottingham”
    Join our campaigns with projects including: Vegan Nottingham Guide; Free Food Giveaways; Veggies Campaigns"

  • 3pm - “Truffle Making & Cake Baking Tips” - Elsa, Pop By Cherry

  • 3.15 - “Pizzadillas & Vegan Fried Egg”; Alex, Kiss My Asparagus

  • 3.30 - “Fridge Cakes & Vegan Cookie Tips”; Eva, Kiss My Asparagus

  • 3.45 - “Vegan Q's & A's”
    Ask our panel of experts ‘where, what, how and why to enjoy vegan living’.

The 5th East Midlands Vegan Festival, was organised by Nottingham's animal rights and vegan campaigners, sponsored by Veggies Catering Campaign and the Vegan Society

Stalls at the 5th East Midlands Vegan Festival 2008

All Lov and Lib
01282 697931

We are a campaigning vegan family operation with the younger generation in mind, putting the fun into animal rights – “make ‘em laugh and they’re on your side".

Animal Aid
01732 364546
Animal Aid promotes a compassionate attitude to animals by educating and campaigning against all forms of cruelty, including factory farming, vivisection, sporting activities and animals in captivity. We spread the vegetarian and vegan message and a cruelty-free lifestyle.
Baby Cakes Direct
07951 215121
Cakes by mail order, made in a totally vegan bakery. Birthday cakes for dairy & egg free diets. Some with no sugar range and some wheat and gluten free.
Body Talk
07773 414091

Complimentary therapies.

Brinsley Animal Rescue
0845 458 2813
Brinsley Animal Rescue is a not for profit organisation dedicated to caring for animals. Our primary mission is to relieve the suffering of animals and birds. Many of the animals that come to us are simply ’surplus to requirements’ from the meat, dairy and egg industry. Because such animals are deemed unprofitable then it is our aim to take them on and find them loving homes in which they can enjoy the retirement they deserve.
Campaign for Eco-Veganism
01527 458395
Works to raise awareness amongst environmentalists and the general public that their choice of diet is critical to the survival of the planet.
Chocolate Skye's
0121 459 3292


Vegan Cream Eggs and other choccy delights.

Derby (& Nottm) Hunt Sabs
07754 524661

If you share our views on the rights of animals to be free from persecution and abuse then please sign up! Maybe you don't want to be active but would still like to do something? Why not help out fundraising on our stall - a very necessary part of any group.
Dotty's Cafe
0115 958 3633

Dotty's is such a nice cafe, with lovely kitch-y decor and lots of polka dots - even the staff have dotty aprons!

A short walk out of town at 197 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FS

Eden Farms
01790 763 582

A home delivery service with 25 years of experience operating throughout the East Midlands - local, affordable, totally delicious and really good for you!.

Good Food Place
0116 259 0208

Heat & Eat Meals, Rice Treats, Indian Spices, Basmati Rice, Spice Seasoning.

Green Box Shop
0115 974 7096

Natural household products: skincare, cosmetics, cleaning, toiletries, babycare.

0115 910 1601
Funky vegetarian delicatessen at 610 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, specialising in quality deli products and offering outside catering.
Nottingham Animal Rights
0845 458 9595
Nottingham Animal Rights works to co-ordinate the activities of many of the groups and individuals campaigning for animal rights and welfare in Nottingham, with fortnightly meetings, street stalls, local demos, fundraising and trips to demos and other events out of town.

The Nottingham Rights group organises the East Midlands Vegan Festival
Nottingham CND

"Whilst there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields" - Tolstoy.

For many in the peace movement veganism is a central part of their pacifist stance and hence many peace projects have a vegan outlook..

Plamil Foods
01303 850588
Originators of the first soya milk in the UK, Plamil manufacturers a delicious dairy free, chocolate & carob range, chocolate spreads, egg free mayonnaises and alternatives to milk.
Pop My Cherry
elsa [at]
0115 958 0950
07960 793306

Deliciously decadent vegan cakes and celebration cakes.

Screaming Carrot
0115 910 3013
Screaming Carrot is a local Nottingham business specialising in a delicious range of egg-free, dairy-free vegetarian freshly-baked goods in Forest Fields. Find us alongside Veggies, who supply our products at many events.
0115 955 5560

Vegan-friendly restaurant with classy traditional vegetarian cuisine.

Sumac Centre
0845 458 9595 .
Sumac is an independent community resource centre, vegan cafe and social club, home to Veggies Catering Campaign.

See details of Veggies and Sumac events at

Sweet Vegan Wholefoods Forever
07804 694652 .

New vegan event caterers, supplying hot and cold vegan wholefoods for healthy people to live a healthy life.

Uncaged Campaigns
0114 272 2220
We are a peaceful international animal protection organisation based in Sheffield, England. Our main campaigns are against animal experiments (vivisection); against xenotransplantation (animal to human transplants); the global boycott of Procter & Gamble; for animal rights and for democratic action on animal issues through the political system.
Vegan Society
0845 458 8244
The Vegan Society works to promote vegan lifestyles (for the benefit of people, animals and the environment) and to encourage manufacturers to make more vegan-friendly goods.

The Vegan Society sponsors the East Midlands Vegan Festival
Veggies Catering Campaign
0845 458 9595
Veggies Catering Campaign provides catering services using no animal ingredients whatsoever and supporting campaigns for social justice since 1984!

Veggies support Vegfam, 'Feeding the Hungry Without Exploiting Animals' and the Movement for Compassionate Living, promoting simple living and vegan self-reliance.

Best Vegan Caterer - Vegan Society Awards 2007

Veggies are sponsor of the East Midlands Vegan Festival.
Victoria Sponge Cake Experience
07773 950468

Sorry no phish 'n' chips, but the totally scrummy cakes are also supporting the work of Manchester Animal Protection group.

VIVA! (Vegetarians International Voice For Animals)
0117 944 1000

Vegan Confectionary, badges, xmas cards, recipe books etc sold to support campaigning and youth education for animals and the environment, through promotion of a veggie/vegan lifestyle.
Viva!’s Incredible Veggie Roadshow was held at Nottingham's Council House on Saturday 5th July 2008
0117 923 9053
Yaoh takes a healthy, more natural approach to skin and body care. Our hemp body care range includes bathroom, skincare and sun care products, all free from sodium lauryl sulphates, parabens, petroleum and unnecessary chemical additives, and rich in organic hemp seed oil.

Yorkshire Hemp
01924 375475
Yorkshire Hemp Limited is a innovative agri-food and body care processing company based in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, bring hemp food and body care products into the mainstream marketplace.

Special thanks to the following who gave practical support to the event.
Thompson Brothers
. .
Thompsons donated a huge quantity of food samples.

Their grocery in Sherwood, has some finest goods at the best prices in the country. Visit them at 83 Haydn Rd, Nottingham NG5 2LA

Beanie's Health Foods
01489 574593 .
We aim to provide you with good, wholesome food, i.e. products that have not been tampered with, added to or enhanced! We aim to ensure that the stock we distribute has been produced responsibly, without harming the environment or exploiting the work force.
0845 458 1585 .
Speciality Vegetarian and vegan Wholefood Wholesalers, delivering within an 80+ mile radius of Sheffield.
Redwood Wholefood Company
01536 400557 .
Redwood offer the very best in meat-free alternatives. Whether you are looking for an alternative to your favourite meal or would simply like to enjoy a meat, dairy and guilt free meal they have a tasty offering for you. Visit their website to find out more about Redwood and their tasty, innovative, vegan & vegetarian foods.
Bartosz Kali Photography
. .
Pop My Cherry Cakes

2008 East Midland Vegan Festival Photography by Bartosz Kali.

Tash Photography
. .
Tash logoFor photography at previous East Midland Vegan Festival (including many of the pictures shown here) we thank Alan Lodge (Tash). Contact Tash for high resolution pictures from the 2005 & 2007 event.

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Veggies Catering Campaign, sponsors of the East Midlands Vegan Festival, are Nottingham contacts for the Vegan Society, the Vegetarian Society, Viva! and Animal Aid. We invite you to join us in promoting a healthy and compassionate diet in the East Midlands.

or call 0845 458 9595

For all things vegan in Nottingham see

Check out the Vegan Guide to Nottingham at

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Whenever possible Veggies feature the publications of the Movement for Compassionate Living, which we print and distribute to promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.

We also support our nominated charity, Vegfam, ‘Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals’. If you can help us with either of these projects at this event, whilst we are busy with Veggies catering, please email

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