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11th November 2015



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"Whilst there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields" - Tolstoy

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Throughout history, animals have suffered and died as a result of human conflicts.

Remember the animals with Animal Aid.Request their booklet Animals: The Hidden Victims of War.

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Throughout the history of human conflicts, animals have been victims of war.

During World War I, dogs and pigeons were used to deliver messages between frontline trenches and further afield. Horses, donkeys and even elephants have been routinely used as beasts of burden, while a shocking array of animals from bears to deer have been kept as pets in the midst of battle.

Today, animals continue to be used in the battlefield to detect explosives, and thousands suffer and die each year in laboratories, infected with biological or chemical agents, or deliberately shot or otherwise damaged.

To commemorate all the animal victims, Animal Aid has issued a purple poppy, which can be worn alongside the traditional red one, as a reminder that both humans and animals have been and continue to be victims of war.

The purple poppies cost 1 each (including postage and packing) and are available from or by calling 01732 364546.

A free copy of Animal Aid's colour booklet, Animals: the hidden victims of war, accompanies each order.

See ANIMALS - The hidden victims of war at

Military lab tests on live animals double in five years. "More than 21,000 animals, including monkeys, ferrets and pigs, were subjected to experiments at the secret biological and chemical research centre at Porton Down last year (2005)." 14 May 2006.

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Animal Memorial Day - Paws For Peace Campaign, Tuesday 24th November 2009
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