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Saturday 25th October 2008

Picnic In The Park - The Sequel

25th October 2008


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/img/arc/coaltrespass081025.gifA new open cast coal mine site is about to get underway in beautiful Derbyshire unless we stop it now.

To combat open cast mining "Leave it in the Ground" supported by Earth First! invites you to a second Picnic in the Park for a mass trespass to see it before the destruction starts, meet the locals and have fun. So come and Discover Derbyshire!

Meet at the Visitors Centre, Shipley Country Park, off Slack Lane, Heanor DE75 7GX. Transport will be arranged to take people from Nottingham to the demo, carrying Food By Veggies!

See Notts Indymedia Report and What's Wrong With Open Cast (pdf flier)

Support Derby Earth First!
Derby Earth First!.
Ph: 07852 460871 . [derby _at_]
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The area is about to be devastated, despite objections form local councils, residents and local environmental groups but the Secretary of State granted planning permission in 2007

The 122 hector site will have one million tonnes of coal ripped out over the 5 years and returned back to it's natural state according to UK Coal, however residents fear there may be more to the plot, as they were excluded from parts of the planning meeting under grounds of commercial confidentiality.

UK Coal are one of those companies that looks to maximise their profits by raping the land and profiting from it any way they can, after coal extraction, they return the area to business parks, housing and industrial estates. In some cases they return it to farmland and charge the farmers rent or in low grade land grow energy crops according to there website. They are even into windpower, but as yet still not erected a turbine.

Coal is not clean energy and with the new onslaught of proposed power stations, UK Coal are looking to cash in on climate devastation and destruction unless we stop them.

The area is rich with wildlife and backs onto Shipley County Park some houses, (the sort of place you dream of living in) have been shuttered up and items like toys, dog kennels and other personal bits remain looking like something from a hurried evacuation from a war zone. UK Coal has stated that the site will be returned to farm land, but they are able to expand beyond the 122 hectors without needing further permission.

Image from Stop Kingsnorth: no new coal blog

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