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Friday 15th January 2010 to Sunday 17th January

Peace News Winter Gathering

15th January 2010


17th January

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New Decade, New Struggles

Public Meeting - Friday 15th - 7pm at Sumac Centre
    Speakers include:

  • Keith McHenry - legendary co-founder of Food Not Bombs, on a speaker tour from the United States. Food Not Bombs shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry in over 1,000 cities around the world every week to protest war, poverty and the destruction of the environment. With over a billion people going hungry each day how can we spend billions on war?

  • An EDO Decommissioner - one of the peace activists facing trial for causing an alleged £300,000 worth of damage to the EDO arms factory in Brighton. The six were protesting against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

  • George Farebrother - coordinator of the World Court Project UK, which helped to bring the issue of nuclear weapons to the World Court in 1996.

  • Milan Rai - co-editor of Peace News, author of War Plan Iraq and Chomsky's Politics, imprisoned for his opposition to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (2005)

Peace News Winter Gathering at The Sumac Centre, ending in an action!

  • Workshops and planning an action.

  • Building for the February action at Aldermaston.

  • Report-backs from Copenhagen and the Gaza Freedom March.

  • Anti-arms trade action to follow.

  • Campaign Catering by Veggies.

  • More program details at website

The gathering will be followed by mass nonviolent direct action against the arms trade, organised by the participants, on Monday 18 January (arrestable and non-arrestable roles available).

Gathering organised by Peace News, in conjunction with Nottingham Students Peace Movement and Notts Anti-Militarism.

Support Peace News
Peace News.
5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX
Ph: 0845 458 2564 . []
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Peace News Winter Gathering at Sumac, Nottingham
Fri 15th to Sun 17th January 2010
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Organised by Peace News in conjunction with Nottingham Students Peace Movement and Notts Anti-Militarism, the 2010 Winter Gathering seeks the participation and support of activist groups both inside and outside Nottingham.

If your group supports the ideas behind the Peace News Winter Gathering (see below for details) then please let us know so that you can be listed as a sponsor. E-mail promos^at^ or call 0845 458 2564.

If your group is able to make a donation towards the cost of the Gathering, we would be very grateful (cheques payable to “Peace News Ltd”, please). Send to: Peace News, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX.


Peace News Winter Gathering brings together people from across the broad spectrum of the British peace movement for a long weekend of exploration, celebration and empowerment. A small self-governed society run by democratic meetings, the Winter Gathering is a tiny example of the kind of world we are trying to bring about. We will be learning from other movements, struggling with challenging issues, and creating greater cohesion and solidarity in a segmented peace movement.

Workshops will be reflective (learning from recent activist initiatives in Gaza, Copenhagen and Calais), strategic (for example, developing plans to counter the war in Afghanistan) and practical (planning for actions in Nottingham itself, and at Aldermaston the following month). Decades of activist experience will be represented, along with fresh faces and new blood.

The Gathering will be followed on Monday 18 January by a mass nonviolent direct action against the arms trade requested by and organised by participants in the Gathering (not under the control or direction of Peace News).

Peace News Winter Gathering 2010 has developed out of Peace News Summer Camp 2009, which created a real sense of liberation for participants. The Gathering is a space of mutual respect in which activists from different groups and movements, who hold diverse views on fundamental issues, can share experiences, information and insights – and can learn more about each other.

From Notts Anti-Militarism

The venerable anti-militarist magazine Peace News will be holding a Winter Gathering in Nottingham 15-17 January 2010. Activists from around the country will be coming to Nottingham to take part in workshops and discussions to build the peace movement. After the Gathering there will be an anti-arms-trade action in Nottingham.

The Winter Gathering will take place at venues in Forest Fields. Some crash-space has been arranged, but the organisers need to find more places to accommodate visiting activists, especially those who may require more comfort, peace or privacy than the communal crash-space can provide.

If you can help out, by putting people up on the nights of the 15th, 16th and 17th of January, please reply to this message. Let us know where your place is, how many people you could accommodate, and what type of beds, e.g room with double bed or living room sofa or floorspace.

Contact via

The gathering will run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

Highlights include:

- Radical climate change activism after Copenhagen
- Report back from the Gaza Freedom March (
- Building for the February blockade at Aldermaston (
- Workshops with Seeds for Change (
- No Borders: Where next after Calais?
- George Farebrother on law, peace and applying pressure
- Afghanistan: Strategies to end the war
- Anti-war art

The full schedule for the weekend will be available shortly.


If members of your group would like to attend, please book as soon as possible.

The cost is £10 - £40 per person for the weekend and £4 - £6 per day for vegan food from the wonderful Veggies).

You can book by sending a cheque (payable to 'Peace News') to:
Peace News Winter Gathering, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DY.
Alternatively, you can book on-line at

More at


A nonviolent action against a local arms trade company will take place at
10am on the Monday (18 January). Phone 07929 123 314 on the day for location
if you have not attended the planning meeting on Sunday.

A map of local arms companies is available here:


0207 278 3344 (in advance)
07980 748 555 / 07846 584 897 (on the weekend)

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sumac centreThe Sumac Centre is an independent community and social centre in Nottingham, part of the UK Social Centre Network and Radical Routes.

Sumac provides resources, meeting spaces and skills for groups and individuals campaigning for human rights, animal rights, the environment, peace and co-operation world-wide. [wikipedia]

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, the Centre becomes the Forest Fields Social Club (FFCS a.k.a Sumac Bar) from 7.30. The FFSC is a members club, but membership is easy and guests are welcome. For gigs and fundraising benefits, guests can pay at the door and members are invited to make a donation.

Sumac Map

Getting To Sumac

Accessible entrance at back door at 73 Beech Avenue . Full directions:

Postcode: NG7 6HX . Mapping websites: . . (photo)
Note: Maps are based on postcodes which can cover a wide area, especially for rural locations.

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