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Wednesday 29th April 2009

Vegan Prisoner Support Group Benefit

29th April 2009


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Skaville UK present a benefit for the Vegan Prisoner Support Group (VPSG) at The Navigation, Wilford Street, Nottm NG21AA, with Inner Terrestrials, 4 support bands & DJ's.

  • Lineup: Inner Terrestrials, Viktims, Hell's Crack, Up Against the Wall Motherfucker and the Whackin' Shillelaghs plus The Surplus DJ.
  • 6 at the door.
  • Stalls from VPSG, Nottm Sabs, Nottingham Animal Rights and Food by Veggies.

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Vegan Prisoner Support Group (VPSG):

It's now been 15 years this April since VPSG was first established - our aims were and still are to highlight concerns and make recommendations to try
to ensure equal opportunities for strict ethical vegans detained within prison or in a police cell.

Below are some of the achievements we have made since we were established in 1994:
  • Our Guidelines on the Care of Vegans were installed in every prison in

  • Vegan prison issue toiletries now available in all prisons

  • Catering Information Pack first installed in all prisons in 2004 and
    updated and re-issued jointly with The Vegan Society in 2007

  • Prison News Sheets are now produced twice a year to all Catering Managers
    now jointly with The Vegan Society

  • Caseworkers allocated to each strict ethical vegan prisoner to assist them during their sentence

  • Helpline available to prisoners 7 days a week

  • Emergency Arrest Line available 7 days a week

Our ultimate goal is to ensure whichever prison a strict ethical vegan prisoner arrives at they will have facilities in place for the prison to be able to properly provide for them.

Skaville UK:

Inner Terrestrials:

Nottingham Animal Rights:

Veggies Catering Campaign:

UK Animal Rights Calendar:

Vegan Prisoner Support Group (VPSG):

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If you'd like us to bring you any of our foods, literature or campaign goods, some of which are on our online shop please contact us with details

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Whenever possible Veggies feature the publications of the Movement for Compassionate Living, which we print and distribute to promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.

We also support our nominated charity, Vegfam, Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals. If you can help us with either of these projects at this event, whilst we are busy with Veggies catering, please email

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