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Saturday 9th October 2010

Stuff of Life

9th October 2010


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[PrintView] Sherwood Rise Residents’ Association are planning another ‘Stuff of Life’ festival at Hedley Villas Park, Sherwood Rise on Saturday 9th October.

Open to the whole community ‘Stuff of Life’ will be a daytime event,residents will enjoy entertainment from live music, art and craft stalls, children’s’ entertainers and a variety of food stalls celebrating cultural unity through bread. We will also be holding a bread making competition open to young and old alike. The aim of the one day festival is to bring together all of the community in order to raise awareness of the Resident’s Association and its work and to encourage the use of Hedley Park by children and parents from across all ethnic backgrounds represented in the community. It will also offer a platform to promote other local community groups and businesses.

THIS YEARS BANDS! The Boothill Toetappers,The Reverb, Marc Block and the Breezes,Kentucky and the Fried Chicken, Matt, Cafe Con Brio, Drum DCA, Dem! FEATURING! SHERWOOD RISE COMMUNITY CHOIR! Bread Making Competition Crafts, Foods, Children's Entertainment Art on the Railings.......... more to follow!

As part of our Vegan Free Food Giveaway project and to mark the 10:10:10 Global Day of Doing, we will be offering samples of the Reduced Carbon Vegan Chocolate Cake, featured by the 10:10 Campaign.

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Sherwood Rise Resident’s Association.
Ph: Lucy Greaves: 01159790085 . [stuffoflife{at}]
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'Stuff of life' Festival in Headley Villas Park, Sherwood Rise, Notingham

Published: October 10, 2010 00:28 by Tash at Nottingham Indymedia

Stuff of LifeThe fourth annual Stuff of Life festival took place at Hedley Villas Park, Sherwood Rise on Saturday 9th October.

The event celebrates the diversity and history of the local area by bringing several hundred residents together in the tiny park that was renovated five years ago by the Residents’ Association. Participants listened to live music from local bands and performers, view original artwork displayed on the railings around the park by Nottingham artists, a variety of individual craft stalls and sampled food provided by neighbours and Veggies.

Three bakeries used to operate around Hedley Park at different times and this is commemorated through a Bread Baking Competition, where anyone can enter by bringing a loaf along on the day and possibly winning a prize. It was this connection that gave the event its name – bread is part of the history of the area, but it’s also part of the present – it’s common (in many different forms) to all the many cultures and nationalities that make their home in Sherwood Rise.

Residents’ Association chair, Mike Peverill adds that ‘the event is a bit different to Goose Fair happening nearby and certainly a lot cheaper!!'

Pix from earlier event:

2008 Nottingham 'Stuff of Life' Events at Hedley Villas Park, Sherwood Rise

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