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Saturday 6th October 2018

National Badger Day *

Same date each year

6th October 2018


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Each year theBadger Trust (National Federation of Badger Groups) helps thousands of badgers in Britain. You can help badgers too, by organising or taking part in an event to raise funds or awareness around National Badger Day.

In 2016 National Badger Day is to be replaced with National Badger Week from June 25th.

Support Badger Trust
Badger Trust.
P.O. Box 708, East Grinstead, RH19 2WN
Ph: 08458 287878 . []
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Badger Groups all over Britain support Badger Day by organising events. If you have a Badger Group in your area, you may be able to join in with their activities. If you do not have a group near to you, or if you would like to do something through your club, workplace or school - or even by yourself - why not organise your own event?

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