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Saturday 30th April 2011

Mayday 2011

30th April 2011

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/img/arc/mayday200.jpgThere will be a short march through the city centre, plus a rally with music and speeches. Catering by Veggies.. A variety of stalls from a mix of campaigning organisations. A relaxed, friendly and sociable atmosphere.

Would you or your group like to have a stall at the rally? A stall is a good opportunity to spread your message and promote your campaign to other activists. Please contact

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First New Labour bailed out the banks to the tune of £1,200,000,000,000. Now all the establishment parties expect us to pay for the capitalist economic crisis by massive cuts in public spending, wage restraint, attacks on benefits, and tax rises.

We say “We won’t pay for their crisis!”

Join the May Day march

Would you or your group like to have a stall at the rally?

A stall is a good opportunity to spread your message and promote your campaign to other activists.

We are asking for a donation of around £5 for stalls for political/campaigning groups; more for commercial organisations. These donations will be put towards expenses, which are higher this year than previously, as we have to pay for the venue this year.

To book your stall, please contact

Organised by local trade unionists in conjunction with Nottinghamshire, Mansfield and Nottingham Trades Union Council.

May Day was celebrated as a pagan festival long before the Romans came.

Then in the 19th century, it became the international worker’s holiday arising from the struggle in the US and Canada for an 8 hour working day:

“Lay down your tools on May 1st, 1886, cease your labour... for one day in the year. One day of revolt, not of rest! A day of protest against oppression and tyranny, against ignorance and war. A day on which to... enjoy eight hours for work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for what we will”.

In 1894, Nottingham held its first big May Day celebration, with thousands marching in strict Trade Union parades from the Forest. There were speeches from mining, hosiery and railway unions and from political parties.

Resolutions were passed by an enthusiastic crowd.

Today, the industries are different, but the need for struggle against oppression, tyranny, ignorance and war is still there and not just for one day a year. It has become international and you can add global warming to the list. Nottingham’s May Day march is a relaxed event – we just have to avoid trams and buses - but in many countries, workers get savagely beaten up for attempting to demonstrate on their own streets.

So please turn up with banners and placards; leaflets and flags; friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, comrades, people you only slightly know. Let's make this year's May Day really spectacular!

Organised by the same bunch as last year - between us we are active in many local campaigns.

To get to this event, 1.7 miles from our home base at Nottingham's Sumac Centre, Veggies will have emitted about 2kg CO2

However by helping 100 people Eat Vegan we will “offset” 200 kg CO2.

If ONE customer goes Vegan For Life, they will save 1.5 tonnes CO2 every year, as well as saving 4022 animals lives, and enabling all the world’s peoples to receive a Fair Share of the world’s resources. [Estimate statistics]

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2010 Access Info:

There is a double gate leading from Bath St into Victoria Park, opposite the Leisure Centre.

It is 2.74m wide at its narrowest which is at the bottom. It gives straight onto a wide area of tarmac inside the Park. Small cars would get through OK, but stall holders with vans should take note. Though I shouldn't be surprised if the width of this gate is the same as the Brewhouse Yard gate.

Sign Up LogoVeggies will be at this event - Sign Up to join our crew.

If you'd like us to bring you any of our foods, literature or campaign goods, some of which are on our online shop please contact us with details

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Whenever possible Veggies feature the publications of the Movement for Compassionate Living, which we print and distribute to promote simple living and vegan self-reliance as a remedy to the exploitation of humans, animals and the Earth.

We also support our nominated charity, Vegfam, ‘Feeding the hungry without exploiting animals’. If you can help us with either of these projects at this event, whilst we are busy with Veggies catering, please email

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