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Friday 15th April 2005

Boycott Killer Cola

15th April 2005

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inthesameboat present a benefit night for Colombia Solidarity. Expect chilled music and cheap Havana Club cocktails.

Live music from Grain, playing KuFungHillbillyFunk and DJ Jaz.

Forest fields Social Club guests and members welcome. Suggested donation £2.50.

Beyond Fair Trade
Also available will be products distributed by Sumac & Veggies in direct solidarity with the producers, including:

We boycott Coca-Cola and their dozens of other products to make a statement of human solidarity.

Coca Cola and Nestlé both stand accused of serious human rights violations in Colombia. While Nestlé sack union members, Coca Cola kill them. Paramilitary Death Squads, acting under orders from Coca Cola management, have assassinated 8 trade union leaders in their workplaces.

See also Colombian Solidarity presentation on Monday 4th April
Support Colombia Solidarity Campaign
Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

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Boycott Coca-Cola :
  • For the violation of the human rights of workers and communities.
  • For profits made off the back of assassinations, imprisonment, kidnapping, death threats and dismissal of trade unionists in Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, USA, Venezuela, Palestine, Turkey, Iran and other countries.
  • For racial discrimination against black communities, and for discrimination against those with HIV or AIDS.
  • For its unfettered use of the world’s water, and the criminal theft of water from communities in India.
  • For supporting the criminal oligarchy in Venezuela, and for its historic interference in the internal affairs of peoples.

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    sumac centreThe Sumac Centre is an independent community and social centre in Nottingham, part of the UK Social Centre Network and Radical Routes.

    Sumac provides resources, meeting spaces and skills for groups and individuals campaigning for human rights, animal rights, the environment, peace and co-operation world-wide. [wikipedia]

    On Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, the Centre becomes the Forest Fields Social Club (FFCS a.k.a Sumac Bar) from 7.30. The FFSC is a members club, but membership is easy and guests are welcome. For gigs and fundraising benefits, guests can pay at the door and members are invited to make a donation.

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