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Wednesday 1st March 2006 to Sunday 12th March

Great British Circus Demo - Hull

1st March 2006


12th March

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The `Great` British Circus are performing in Hull from 1st - 12th March, at Craven Park Stadium, Preston Road, Hull, HU9 5HE.

On Saturday 4th March, there will be a demo against the GBC, ready for their 2 o'clock performance. Meet at 1pm at Craven Park Stadium.

GBC are one of remaining 7 circuses still using animals in acts, which include Lions, Tigers, Horses, Ponies, Llamas, Reindeer, Camels, Pygmy Goats, and Zebras.

The GBC is run by Martin Lacey, who has admitted to shooting 'surplus' bears.
Previously named Circus Harlequin, they hid an injured lion during an RSPCA inspector's visit.
Dispite refusing access to RSPCA inspectors, they claim they are inspected and approved by the society - the RSPCA DO NOT 'approve' of animal circuses.

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Northern Animal Rights Network.

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The Great British Circus's first Northern stop is planned to be at Hull. They are rent land from Craven Stadium, which is wholly owned by the Hull Kingston Rovers RFC.

Every circus that goes to Hull goes on HKR's land as no-where else will accept them! With enough pressure, an end can be brought to this.

Only seven circuses remain in the UK who use animals. If no-one will accept them, where will they go?

Full Details:
Craven Park Stadium, Preston Road, Hull HU9 5HE
Phone: 01482 784848
Wed 1st March to Sun 12 March
Weekdays 5pm and 730 pm
Saturdays 2pm and 5pm
Sunday 11am and 3pm
No shows Monday 6 or Tuesday 7 March

2006 Demo Report

Over 20 activists called upon the public to boycott the Great British Circus at Craven Park Stadium, Hull, due to the animal cruelty involved in their shabby trade. Lots of the public were supportive and cars turned away when they heard the truth behind the GBC, despite the police’s attempts at blocking banners. A circus worker came out intending to stir up trouble, only succeeding to give activists some light entertainment. Only seven people were seen entering the circus.

Police vehicles tailed protesters as they moved onto B&K Universal, who supply animals for vivisection, and have sold sentient creatures to the likes of HLS, Eli Lilly and many more. From the gates, dogs could be heard barking. The local neighbours complain about activists, yet are willing to live next to the sound of animals inside B&K. Some demonstrators stayed near the breeding centre and gave the police the run-around whilst other went along the main road. 4 police cars and 3 vans were driving around the country lanes, all funded by the local tax-payers. Why doesn’t Gerry Bantin fund it out of his company’s pocket, rather than the other locals footing the bill? A section 14 was implemented by Humberside Police, only allowing 8 activists, no shouting or the use of amplified sounds. If this is the way the police want to behave, breaching demonstrators’ human rights to protest, maybe next time the demo should be taken to the heart of Hull!

Until all are free!

See also Hull Daily Mail demo report.

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May 04 : Barkingside, London Demo Report

Keep track of the Great British Circus at


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