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Options to view the Calendar

  • 'Classic' Animal Rights Calendar
    Shows all events, but includes only one listing of weekly events automatically rolled forward and monthly events rolled forward manually.

  • Sumac/Veggies Diary
    A clone of the Animal Rights Calendar, selecting events at Sumac or the wider Nottm campaign community.
    - Also option for events specifically involving Veggies
    - and those specifically held at the Sumac Centre.

  • Vegan Outreach Diary
    A clone of Veggies Diary, selecting events tagged as Vegan outreach.

  • Current Month - 30 days of events
    A faster default page for AR Calendar, with an option to output all events

  • QuickList of all dates.
    Done. Headers are linked to extended details
    To Do - Pop-up to show brief details when mouse rollsover. (eg
    To Do - A QuckList version showing Day/Date, EventHeader and EventView Link all on single line, suitable to cut'n'paste into an email message, forum or newswire.

  • EventView
    Done - extended details for individual event, suitable to print off as a poster.

  • PrintView
    Done - as above for individual event, but with details laid out suitable to cut & paste into email messages etc.

  • Regular Events
    Done - Manually compiled listing of regular & ongoing campaigns. (The other listings only show one occurrance of regular events).

  • GroupList - alphabetical by group.
    Done. Use Ctrl-F to search

  • Text-only list - suitable for pasting into email message. (

  • CalendarView - As above, but on standard calendar grid layout, (eg:GreenNet or rampART)

  • PosterView. As above, but printable as flier.

  • PlanningList - Quick List, but with all occurances of weekly/monthly events.

  • Search for any group or keywod.

  • Announcements Email List
    Done - Riseup email group for announcements

  • NewDetails list to identify events recently added (or updated).

  • Email-A-Friend button, (eg:Covance)

  • EventComments - a planning tool for groups and individuals to add their travel plans, local contact info etc.

  • WebPage
    Done - uses mysql database & php programming to produce one-off web pages for non-calendar information.

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Work in progress

Experienced PHP programmers are invited to send advice on the tasks marked * to

  1. Import remaining events from old ARCalendar for May - December
  2. set up email addresses to be spam-filtered
  3. link graphics to their original source
  4. List from today's date, allowing ongoing events, eg all-month
  5. Fix 'list from' date to use 'current_date' function
  6. Program link to additional page or pop-up for extended event info.
  7. Circulate subscribers to request comments on work so far
  8. Refine contact details
  9. Program end date for events running for more than 1 day
  10. Start-to-End dates in header on PrintView for month-long events
  11. Fix monthly link menu
  12. Design format for unconfirmed events
  13. Link headers to PrintView page
  14. Link external event links, and show address, in PrintView
  15. Include EventRepetition details for regular events
  16. Repeat details for Annual events on PrintView header
  17. Fix WebAddress link to accept 'www' as well as 'http'
  18. Regular events header only, linked to full details on PrintView
  19. Move to final location:
  20. Optimise code for faster loading
  21. Feedback form, for user feedback on layout, listing preferences and gliches.
  22. Redesign 'add-a-date' form
  23. Program data input from 'add-a-date' form
  24. Flag events added or amended since last ArcNews calendar
  25. 'Next 30-days' default listing, with options for 'FullList' and 'QuickList'
  26. * Roll forward repeated events - done for weekly & annual events,
    date function needed for monthly events
  27. Advise subscribers to update bookmarks
  28. Edit, Print & 'Email to a friend' buttons on PrintView (eg:Covance)
  29. Add facility to 'comment on this event'
  30. Confirmation email to submitting user and to organising group
  31. * Set up user registration for input directly to calendar
  32. * Learn about Null / Not Null data types
  33. * Find out about default settings, eg for ImageSize & Location
  34. Listing option for multiple inclusion of regular events
  35. Program the print options (listed in section above)
  36. Convert Local Group Meetings section to interactive format.
  37. Convert Regular Events section to interactive format.
  38. Program map links from post-code
  39. * Set up open access to php code
  40. * Find out how to create 'a href' links from email and www addresses in text fields
  41. * Find plug-in calendar to click and insert required dates
  42. Transfer subscribers mailing list to php/mySQL, with option for 'all announcements', 'selected announcement' or by-weekly digest
  43. Automate dispatch of subscriber announcements
  44. Set up hit counter & check old one. Check GreenNet stats for visits to old calendar.
  45. SecureGiving facility for donations to running costs.
  46. Refine data format to facilitate interchange with other campaign calendars.
    Compilers of other calendars - please get in touch
  47. Log browser and operating system info for alternative browser coding.
  48. * Reprogram as necessary to fix features that do not work in non-micro$oft browsers, eg Mozilla / Netscape, and non-windows systems, eg Linux.
  49. Learn to do all the above, then start all over to set up Animal Contacts Directory as a dynamic website database, in time for the Spring 2005 publication date of the next 5000 entry, 200 page directory!!
  50. Link & import contact details from Animal Contacts Directory, when available.

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