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Sunday 8th March 2009

Kick Cruelty Out of Crufts

8th March 2009


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[PrintView] details: The Kennel Club will be staging the 106th Crufts from Thurs 5th - Sun 8th March 2009 at the NEC - 106 years promoting the 'ownership' of dogs, and the commercial control of their care.

'Respected institutions' from the BBC to the RSPCA are questioning their past support for Crufts - the time is ripe to draw attention to this industry.

  • Breeding unhealthy dogs for aesthetic purposes is morally wrong.

  • Breeding dogs is pointless when there are existing dogs all over the world needing homes.

2010 details:
Kick Cruelty Out of Crufts
Thursday 11th March 2010
Details at
Support Animal Rights Coalition
Animal Rights Coalition.
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When you see that topics being featured on each day are 'Terrier & Hound' (the other victims of blood sports); 'Toy & Utility' (animals are not toys); 'Gundog' (!) and 'working & Pastoral' (animals should not be slaves) there are plenty of opportunities for local campaigns to highlight the message "don't breed or buy whilst stray dogs die". Why not organise a 'Scruffs' event to raise funds and awareness in support of your local 'no-kill' animal shelter?

Protest Crufts . Birmingham NEC

Its time to show the kennel club, at their most prestigious event of the year what the public actually think.

Since the broadcasting of 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' the BBC, RSPCA and Pedigree chum have all pulled out of crufts and now its time for the public to put another nail in the coffin.

Join us at the Birmingham NEC to pass on two very important messages to the public.

1. Breeding unhealthy dog's for aesthetic purposes is morally wrong.

2. breeding dogs is pointless when there are existing dogs all over the world needing homes.

Crufts Demo FAQ

There is an 'interesting', sometimes amusing and in parts intelligent discussion of this protest at The following may answer some of the points raised on that forum and from the many emails received (which we cannot answer individually)>

Q. Are PETA or any other organisations involved?

A. No Ė the demonstration is collectively organised by grassroots campaigners.

Q. Why havenít you done this before?

A. Crufts has had demonstrations outside by animal welfare and rights
groups for years, such as those organised by Uncaged Campaigns.

Q. Why donít you do something about puppy farms instead?

A. As long as the demand for dogs (pedigree or mutt) exists, so will
puppy farms. The solution to this is to convince the public to rescue
and never breed or buy - the message we hope to put across outside

Q. Why Crufts, there are other species too?

A. I agree, the rabbit showing industry is unnecessarily cruel. If you
want to organise any event for another species I'll happily go.

Q. Are you involved with the 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' team?

A. No, although we have been in touch.

Q. My dog's pedigree and is perfectly healthy, you donít understand.

A. If that is the case you should quit whilst you are ahead. If your
dog and its offspring are continually bred for cosmetic aspects then
down the line deformities and illness are inevitable

Q. Won't the demo be frightening to the dogs

A. Donít be silly.

-The demo will be outside Crufts

-The demo starts after dogs have arrived into Crufts

-The demo is organised with West Midlands Police

-We are animal right/welfare campaigners, do you think
that we would do anything to cause harm to an animal?

Q. Would the protest have happened if Pedigree Dogs Exposed not been shown?

A. The animal rights movement has been voicing the Ďstop breedingí
- Hide quoted text -
message for decades. However it would be fair to say the documentary
moved things along faster.

Q. Your just doing this because itís high publicity and will bring you
much needed funds.

A. We donít represent any national organisation, how could we use this
to raise funds if thereís no organisation to give it to?



'Pedigree Dogs Exposed':

PETA's Kennel club spoof:

Independent article:

The show’s organisers, the Kennel Club, continues to accept IAMS’ sponsorship and publicly defends IAMS’ ‘research policy.’

IAMS/Eukanuba cause pain and distress to cats and dogs in long-term laboratory experiments. More from .

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