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Saturday 2nd July 2005 to Saturday 9th July

Knotts Neighbourhood at the G8

2nd July 2005


9th July

[PrintView] Dissent! Network hosted a huge rural camping space for people protesting at Gleneagles Hotel during the G8 Summit, with self-managed zones to house and feed many thousands, whist providing inspiring living examples of free, ecological communities.

These convergence spaces were divided into neighbourhoods of several hundred people, centred around a kitchen, and providing spaces for people to meet, sleep, share and plan. As at previous summits, these were incredibly inspiring examples of mutual aid and self organisation.

Nottingham hosted a neighbourhood, with the Veggies kitchen at our heart. Many Notts folk answered the call to get involved, and made this space great. The led to the establishment of some 10 regional field kitchens, collectively feeding up to 2000 people at future action camps.

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Nottingham Dissent! / Sumac.
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