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Tuesday 7th June 2005 to Sunday 12th June

Cancel the Cruel Circus - Godstone

7th June 2005


12th June

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[PrintView] (South East Animal Rights) organised a demo at the Great British Circus at Godstone. The circus uses several breeds of 'wild'animal, including zebras and tigers.

Tigers in small cages displaying classic pacing back and forth, Camels in very poor condition, Lamas and horses close to a busy road. This is all on private land in a borough where animal circuses are currently banned on council land.

Please contact Mary Fox - 020 8670 6435 - who is the owner of the land in question and politely ask her if she is aware of the poor conditions and explain that, a circus by its very nature simply cannot provide enough space, stimulation or the right conditions for any animal.

We all need to edcuate land owners, as to the plight of these animals and hopefully we can limit the spaces available to the Circuses.

Next venue: ODIHAM, Hampshire - Mill Corner, Hook Road from Tuesday 14th June to Sun 19th June

Please send your demo details.
Support South East Animal Rights
South East Animal Rights.
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RSPCA says: "Boycott the circus"

RSPCA Circus FAQ's here.

This is one of only around 8 UK-based circuses using animals. However, that's 8 too many! We can't rely upon weak legislation to ban the use of animals in circuses. The Animal Welfare Bill (in its present form) is not proposing to ban this evil industry and will do little to protect any animal used. It's up to people like you to make a difference, by convincing others not to visit these mobile prisons and make them completely unprofitable and untenable.

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